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For those of you who don’t know, World of Warcraft is an online role-playing game. Many however find it to be much more than a game, some see it as an experience, while many see it as a way of life. People around the world are often sucked in by the award-winning Warcraft universe, The unique ability of hero creation and customization, along with a variety of other factors. You are not only presented with the ability to customize a hero to your exact liking, you can also adventure across foreign lands, explore realms and pursue endless quests across the vast world with which you are presented. Nothing is more fun than venturing off with your friends, which is yet another reason this game appeals to men and woman alike. This game in fact is largely dedicated to providing a massive multiplayer experience. Incredibly, the World of Warcraft allows thousands of unique players to interact within the same world, which in its self is reason enough to play. In addition, with the thousands of players running freely throughout the world, you are bound to be faced with an epic player vs. player battle at some point, which is half the excitement. Not everyone is out to destroy though, unbreakable alliances and friendships can easily be formed, making for a far more enjoyable and rewarding experience. A common strat that is often observed is the cliche yet accurate “strength in numbers” mindset. WoW will never be the same game with each passing month, you will always be meeting new people, quests will always be discovered as well as numerous other awesome content. Challenges will always be presented despite your level or team and you can expect only more in the coming years.

This article is primarily focused on the WoW strats so many are actively seeking. With the thousands upon thousands of sites filled with information about this game, it’s hard to find just what you need especially when it comes to the highly controversial topics like WoW reputation guides, WoW strats, WoWeu as well as battlenet WoW. Now this article is not by any means going to be a comprehensive World of Warcraft strategy guide, however it will provide you with a few quick tips to improve your overall playing experience.

First things first, whats the most important thing on the battleground? Well, while a lot of factors determine how a battle will result, I have found that the answer to that question is Healers. Healers play a pivotal role within the battleground strategy. In fact one of your primary goals should be Protecting your healers. Keeping your proximity close to your healers is imperative, after all, if they cant see you, they cant heal you. This also makes for another great strat, players often times understand the importance of healers, so as a result your healers may endure the brunt of the attack, so if you stay close to them you can not only benefit from the healing aspect, you also offer protection, which overall will improve the outcome of the battle. Flipping the scenario around, if you are on the more aggressive side of the battle, it would be wise to capitalize on the opposing players healers, they should be your first target when presented with a confrontation.

Secondly, the most important thing to remember especially when raiding, defending, or generally fighting with a team is communication. It would be wise to enter a battle already having discussed the teams strengths and weaknesses, capitalizing on the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses. For example, if your squad is doing great and in no need of assistance, make it known to the rest of the team so there isn’t a sense of urgency. On the flip side, if your squad is about to endure udder domination, it might be a good idea to vocalize your concerns with your team, so that the offensive players can make their final efforts to control the area, as I said earlier, strength in numbers. Another WoW strat to keep in mind is that it would also prove wise to keep an eye out for the players who aren’t carrying their own weight. Often times players will join a team in search of increased gold opportunities and loot only. So if this behavior is observed, bring a spot light to it, and confront the player as a team.

Lastly, PvP battles and adventuring to incredible lands are all beneficial things, but if you are one of those players who enjoys watching the story-line of the game unfold, than I highly recommend you begin your WoW adventure with the subsequent completion of random quests or “tasks”/ “missions” as they call them in the World of Warcraft. You not only receive experience points for these tasks, which will only increase the productivity of you character, but you also receive in game currency, which enables you to better equip your character for the rigors of team exploration. Tasks also give you unique abilities that would otherwise be difficult to acquire. Now usually tasks involve killing a number of creatures, gathering a certain number of resources, finding a difficult to locate object, speaking to various characters, visiting specific locations, interacting with objects, or delivering an item. While these tasks at time can seem rather repetitive, they are necessary and equip you generously for other tasks you wish to pursue.

So what can I take from this article?

-Keep a close proximity to your healers.

-Protect your healers at all costs.

-When attacking, always go for the teams healers first.

-Communication, communication, communication.

-Discuss your teams strengths and weaknesses prior to a confrontation.

-Vocalize concerns with your team-mates

-Spot light those who aren’t carrying their own weight as a team.

-If you are new to the game, complete tasks after tasks.

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