WoW Alliance Leveling Guide – WoW Expert Reveals In-Game Loopholes For Power Leveling

4 years ago I was an Alliance noob, I knew nothing about World of Warcraft. I got to level 60 in 6 weeks, I thought I was making pretty good time then. But now, World of Warcraft's universe has been expanded with new frontiers like Outland and Northrend, on top of that players can now reach level 80 in 8 days. Pretty awesome! I'm writing how great a WoW Alliance Leveling Guide is, and how it helped me be the first on my server to level to 80.

I only play Alliance characters, I prefer to be in the service of Light and all. But before I show you the key to power leveling there's a few things you need to know. Consider it essential knowledge for playing right.

The key to power leveling.

Even if you're a newbie you can learn the important aspects of going into the game solo. So here's every base you've got to cover before your power leveling can begin:

Addons – There are a ton of addons out there, many made by the WoW community, that exist to improve gameplay. Here's a few of my favorites: You've got Cartographer for full map details, Cooldown Timer 3 which displays the "cooldown" time of your spells and skills, and Gatherer which is a great tool for herbalists and miners. Any elite WoW power leveler worth their salt makes use of these tools.

Gear – Too many players waste too much time searching for new armor, weapons and other gear. Guess what? You don't have to! Quests land you average gear that is good enough for leveling up. You or a friend can always add enchantments to improve your items. When you choose quest rewards make sure you go for equipment that deals a large amount of damage. The faster you can kill, the faster you'll level up. Make sure you save your money between levels 60 and 77, though, because then you'll have enough for an epic flying mount. Handy!

Potions and Foods – Use these items whenever you get the chance, They can't hurt, in fact they'll only improve your character's stats. I make sure to pick some up from AH every time I'm in a major city.

Talent Spec – It's important that you choose the right PvE solo leveling spec. There's plenty of WoW guides out there that can tell you the best specs for every class. As a general rule, go for damage specs rather than defense, improve your AoE abilities if applicable.

Macros – You need the right combination of macros for your character to reach the highest level of efficiency, use them all if you can! By unleashing my character's full potential I can kill orange mobs like they were green mobs even with crappy equipment. This can also increase how fast you level.

These are all things I make sure to cover first when I start a new character. Whether you're using a WoW Alliance leveling guide or not, these things can only improve your overall gameplay.

Power Leveling to 80

This is where the guides come in. I ALWAYS use one when leveling, they always show you the best quest paths for Azeroth, Outland and Northrend. I mean, everyone knows questing is the fastest way to earn XP, but this way I know what order to do the quests so I get the least amount of hassle and time grind. I never get stuck either because a WoW Alliance Leveling Guide gives step-by-step instructions for every quest.

Points of interest are often marked on game maps or in a convenient PDF file, showing every step of a quest. You can even get a guide as an in-game mod which will provide you with all the information you need right inside the game window! It even has an arrow guiding me to my next objective. Just that alone cuts my time spent leveling in half! It's awesome and simple to use, me and my friends all got it immediately!

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