World of Warcraft – TBC Gold Grinding Spots

I having been playing World of Warcraft for about a year with different characters. I never seemed to have enough gold for doing the things I wanted done. I think of myself as an average player meaning I’m not a complete WoW-addict but I play about 5-10 hours per week.

Until a couple of weeks ago I had about 1,800 golds but I haven’t bought my epic mount and that cost 5,000 gold. I tried to figure out how to make another 3,200 gold and finally started to consider buying it for real money. Instead I found a gold making guide that promised I could make up to and above 150g/hour. At first I was skeptical, after playing this game for a year I figured that I have picked up most of the tricks in gold grinding. The guide was about $40 and to purchase 3,200 gold would cost a lot more and if I’m poor in WoW that is nothing compared to real life.

Making Gold The Easy Way!

First of all, let me tell you: There is no easy way to make gold. You just have to know what to do to get the most in return. You still have to grind. But you will grind in a very profitable way.

In the e-book I learned about a place with lots of level 62 mobs with approximately 3,000 health which is very low for this level of mob and making them an easy kill. They have a high drop rate for motes of water which are always in high demand and these mobs respawn quickly making this a perfect gold farming area. I estimate you could make at 90 to 100 gold an hour their from selling the vendor trash, the greens (which are quite frequent) and the motes of water in the AH. Once I got three blues in one run making it my most profitable run ever, 240 gold in 50 minutes.

This guide has lots of spots like the one mentioned above. The guide will also teach you a lot of different strategies in the auction house.

Best of luck!

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