World of Warcraft – Rugged Leather Farming in Ice Thistle Hills

I used to do a LOT more cloth farming, but it seems that leveling Leatherworking up to 375 is even more a pain in the … behind — let’s say — than Tailoring was, so most of my farming is now directed towards finding good leather.

There are all kinds of leathers – light, medium, heavy, thick, rugged, and of course knothide. My efforts on this day were directed towards finding Rugged Leather, so I headed to my favorite place in all of Azeroth, Winterspring.

Now Winterspring has been good to me. If you’ll read my previous posts, you’ll learn that I got several epic drops there, as well as blues and a lot of greens. But those are incidental. What I REALLY like in Winterspring is the whole Ice Thistle Yeti gang, the Yetis, the Ice Thistle Patriarchs and Ice Thistle Matriarchs.

What I love the most about them is their unobtrusive but quick respawn rate.

Tonight, taking my newly-minted level 70, Grunman, a Shaman of (none whatsoever) renown, I spent twent-five minutes in the Hills and Cave due southeast of Everlook. TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES. You read correctly. In that period of time, I managed to acquire 50 Rugged Leathers as well as 21 Thick Leathers, from an assortment of Yetis, Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

Now I did not count them, but logic says that I mauled to death exactly 71 mobs. In 25 minutes, that’s 21.17 seconds per mob killed, and I’m including the travel time, the tedious mana regeneration, and an annoying but essential bathroom break.

Those that are mathematically inclined, such as not me, would calculate that is a MINIMUM of 120 Rugged Leathers per hour. That’s hard to beat.

If you are not a Leatherworker — a decision I am starting to regret, by the way — you could sell these fine leathers for about 10 gold per stack on the Auction House. 60 gold an hour, plus the Thick leather (which is worth about 4g per stack) plus the gray vendor trash, plus whatever interesting drop you get, that is pretty good.

Or you could use the leather leveling your Leatherworking by less than 10 points. You choose.

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