Winx Club Dress Up Games

Before I proceed and share with you a few top winx club dress up games, let me tell you that what's so special about Winx Club and all games related to this club.

All you need to know about Winx Club

Winx Club is an animated cartoon series that started in 2004 in Italy. The series is specifically designed for the children between five and twelve. It's one of the most favorite and much liked cartoon series and is majorly based on magical tales. Since the cartoon is based on girls, fairy tales and magic; it can be said as an animated series for girls but even boys love watching it. Today, it is considered to be among most most liked cartoons in US. Not only that it is dubbed in different languages, but numerous books, toys, games and other stuff are produced based on the Winx characters. Kids love playing games that are associated with this cartoon. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of games that are directly linked with the characters of the series, and importantly Winx game is a million dollar industry.

Winx Club Games

There are many types of Winx club games that are available on the market and kids are crazy about them. These games include puzzle, magic, adventure, makeup, fighting, action and many others. There are lots of different options available for kids when it comes to Winx games.

Dress up games have special attraction for girls and almost every famous girlish cartoon character has been used in these games. Winx dress up games are also very famous for the same reason that girls are provided with an option to revamp their favorite Winx series characters. These cartoon characters include Bloom who is supposed to be the main character in the cartoon series. Other characters are Flora, Stella, Layla, Musa and Tecna. Winx Club dress up games are very interesting as well as entertaining for girls. It's not hard to find some good dressing games that are based on Winx series since there are hundreds of websites where kids can play games online absolutely free of cost. Besides websites and online gaming portals, Winx dress up games are also available for some major play stations.

So what actually is a dress up game? Well it's a game, where kids or I must say girls are provided with different options including clothes, shoes, hair styles, eyes, lips and makeup items, and they can change the clothes of their favorite characters by applying different combination of accessories. This is the reason that girls love these games.

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