Will Fable 2 Make It Onto PC Ever?

Many years ago, Fable 2 was released for fans on the Xbox 360. This was the sequel follow-up to the original smash hit game. The first was released on both the Xbox 360 and eventually ported over to the PC platform. However, Fable 2 has yet to be released on the PC. Will there ever be a version of that second game that makes it to the PC market?

In October 2010, the third Fable game was released to gamers around the world. The developer promised that a PC version would follow in May 2011. Because of this, fans began to wonder if there was any hope of the developers going backward in the series to still finish that long awaited project that PC gamers were hoping for. But everyone knows that once a developer moves forward in a game series, it is rare that they move backward to finish up previous titles in the series.

To this day though, there is no Fable 2 PC version. In 2009 when the sequel came out, Lionhead Studios had indicated that since the game was such a success, they would be essentially forced to port the game over from the console to the PC. But that same year, a Lionhead development team member indicated that the studio was not working on a port and had no intentions to do so. There were conflicting stories on multiple gaming websites as to whether the game would, or would not, be released for the PC.

This wouldn't be the first game to abandon the PC format in mid-series. Gears of War was originally released for console gamers only. But eventually Epic did port the game over for fans that did not have Xbox 360s. But when Gears of War 2 came out, the same was not to be. Epic confirmed that they would not be working on a PC version of Gears of War 2, ever.

This has lead many fans to conclude that if the developer hasn't come out with a Fable 2 PC version yet then they probably never will. The third game in the series has already been released on the Xbox 360 and the ported version will come out later this year. There probably isn't much interest in the developer going backwards in the series when they could continue to move forward on the fourth installment. There is always the possibility that a rogue fan version may be created, but don't count on it. Looks like fans will have to keep waiting and hoping.

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