Wii Online Games

In this Wii Online games article, we would talk about how to maximize your Nintendo Wii online usage, so that you could get the most out of you Wii. The Wii Online Games Service offer 2 major functionality. First, just like PS3 and XBOX 360, Wii allowed you to play the retail Wii games online. Not all games support this feature though, and those which support it do not do a very good job at it at all (sometimes…). One of the worst experience I had with my Wii is when I played Mario Kart Wii. Although now it plays fine, there was a time when a certain influx of users would cause the game to be unable to access its online functions. I think it is due to server crashing or something.

One of the best Wii online games that I find until now, despite all the problems with its unstable online functionality as I’ve mentioned before, is still Mario Kart. Nothing could beat the feeling of racing with other people online, especially if you could do some nasty stuff to them. And with the list of 24 Nintendo characters, 32 tracks, and 36 vehicles, this is the game that you could get the most fun of in a while. Other Wiionline games that I really enjoy is Animal Crossing City Folk. This game is the first Wii game to use Wii Speak, a new microphone option for the Wii that enables voice communication over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC). With Wii Speak, all people in a room can communicate with those in another room also containing the device, and can also have live text chat using a USB Keyboard. Players can communicate with other players by sending messages to their town, Wii Message Board, mobile phone or personal computer. The last game that I would really recommend because of its exciting online service is Super Smash Bros Brawl. Brawl allows players to play against distant opponents via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Online multiplayer games can be played either with registered friends or with randomly selected participants. Additionally, players can converse with up to four phrases that are preset by the player, which appear as speech bubbles when activated. The game even have Spectator mode which allows players to watch matches being played between other players, and bet on the outcome using coins earned within the game. The winner of the match earns a jackpot of coins.

The other Wii Online Games service is WiiWare. It is a service that provide a smaller and lower-budgeted Wii games. These games and applications can only be purchased and downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel under the WiiWare section. Once you have downloaded the game or application, it will appear in your Wii Menu as a new channel. There are lots of Wii Ware games, but the most famous one would surely be Megaman 9 which was released September 22, 2008 in US. There are also other good games like World of Goo, which is a high-rated PC game that rely heavily on physic puzzles, Pokemon games, and even Final Fantasy games (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as A King).

In Wii Online games universe, WiiWare is a companion to the Virtual Console, which specializes in emulated games originally developed for other systems instead of original titles. These titles are run in their original forms through software emulation, and can be purchased for between 500 and 1200 Wii Points depending on system and rarity and/or demand. The library of past games currently consists of titles originating from the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Nintendo 64, as well as Sega’s Master System and Mega Drive/Genesis, NEC’s TurboGrafx-16 and TurboGrafx-CD, SNK’s Neo Geo AES, Commodore 64 (Europe and North America only) and MSX (Japan only). Virtual Console Arcade allows players to download video arcade games. Some high profile games that are available until now include, Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Megaman, and lots of others.

I guess this is the brief summary of Wii Online games. Hope you find this information useful and…actually you could grab all these games for free. To know more: FREE Wii Online Games