Where Did The X Games Originate

Where Did The X Games Originate :

In 1993, ESPN came up with a new idea. The idea was to arrange a meet of athletes from extreme sports. After two years, they managed to organize this meet.

The first X-games tournament was arranged in Rhode Island, and at Mount Snow, Vermont.

The dates decided were from June 24 to July 1, 1995.

So, that was the first time when ‘X Games’ initiated.

Earlier, X Games had only 9 different sports, but soon, it attracted 198,000 viewers.

As this tournament became very popular, ESPN decided to organize it every year. Since then, it is called X-games.

Next year, this event was organized at Rhode Island.

This time it attracted 200,000 audiences. Meanwhile, ESPN declared Winter X Games Tournament as well. It was organized at the Snow Summit Mountain Resort in Big Bear Lake, California. The dates were from January 30 to February 2, 1997.

After that, 1997-1998 Summer X games were played in San Diego. The second Winter X Games were held in 1998. This time, location was changed to Crested Butte, Colorado.

Crested Butte also hosted the Winter Games in 1999. It was the time when the Summer Games shifted to San Francisco for two years.

ESPN has come up with many other events correlated with X Games. The X Trials are called ‘qualifying events’ for the tournament.

The ‘Xperience’ is a promotional tour for the tournament.

So, X Games have been evolved a lot since then. Nowadays, the popularity of X Games can be seen. People are just crazy about the tournament.

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