Uphill Rush 3 Game

This Uphill Rush 3 game is the latest game in the very popular game series which are all free online flash games. Just like in the previous two uphill games this has all the action and graphics of a great game too. So what is it all about with Uphill rush 3, well the game has some great racing tracks with a lot of cool vehicles. With these vehicles you can do stunts or just race to set a record time.

You can choose between 15 different vehicles in this game. You can choose a nice motor cycle or monster truck, or if you want to have some fun try the inline skates for example. They implemented some crazy things too, for example you can choose a cow or a horse! how crazy is that! In this 3rd game of the series it is also possible to create your own outfit. So customize the character who is driving the vehicles. You can create a zombie or an astronaut, or if you prefer a robot that is possible too.

Play and drive in different well-known cities around the world. For example you can choose to race in: New York or Paris or Shanghai. In each city there are 3 difficulty levels and of course different surroundings to do your stunts. When you manage to finish a level you will unlock a more difficult level you can play next. There are two game types, the time trial (race against the clock), or choose the race type. In the Race type a computer controlled character is your opponent. In uphill rush 3 you never will be bored again. You can score money to buy new upgrades or other vehicles. When you start the game you will have 6 lives. Be careful because if you fall or crash (for example into a wall) then you will lose one life.

Just like in the previous uphill rush games this game has great tracks to drive on. The quality of the game is even better as the other 2. And it has a lot more features than the other ones. So drive and jump around and set the fastest time in this game.

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