Trust Your Vibes

Have you ever had a hunch about something? You knew deep down in your gut that you should or shouldn’t follow through with whatever was staring you in the face.

We all have them. Gut feelings. Hunches. Vibes. Good ones. Bad ones. And ones we ignore and later wish we hadn’t.

Long ago I learned the value of trusting my vibes. I remember being introduced to a gal and almost immediately deep inside my belly, I could feel the ‘this-isn’t-going-to-be-good’ rumblings. I shoved the feelings aside, listened to my head instead, and formed a friendship.

I rationalized there was no logical reason to turn and walk away from her. She was funny, out-going and at quick glance seemed my type of friend. I convinced myself the rumblings in my belly were probably due to hunger rather than a deep-seated GPS-type warning system trying desperately to keep me from becoming momentarily lost along the road of life.

I should have listened to my vibes. I should have trusted them. Our friendship only lasted two years. She was dramatic, negative, and constantly made you’re-with-me-or-against-me demands. She managed all of this in a sweet, innocent, manipulative manner which added to my confusion. I felt like a weight was dragging me slowly and painfully away from the pleasurable aspects of life. When I finally ended the friendship, I was free. Liberated. And a hundred pounds lighter.

In another trust-your-vibes example, my daughter recently called from university. She and I have had many discussions over the years about the importance of trusting your vibes. She had found a house to lease that, according to her, was absolutely perfect. Her vibes told her this was the place.

Being an eighteen year old student, she required a parental signature on the lease. I looked over the joint tenant agreement and my vibes told me not to sign, at least not yet. With the tough economy I was certain my vibes had something to do with the joint aspect and not wanting to be financially responsible if any of her five roommates decided to quit school, leaving us on the hook for the full rent.

After numberous discussions with long-winded reasons why we each thought our vibes were right, we hit an impasse. I hung up the phone knowing full well she was disappointed because I wouldn’t sign.

Twenty-four hours later she called back. This time giddy with excitement. She had called the landlord and negotiated to have him add an amendment to the contract, making it an individual lease agreement, saving us from the financial responsibility should any of the roommates quit or leave.

Smart girl – indeed I am proud. Turns out her vibes were right – it was the perfect place for her to live. So were mine – I wasn’t supposed to sign the lease agreement right away.

So then, this is the lesson for today. Trusting our vibes is essential to keeping us on track and living our life in a productive and worry-free way. Learning how to identify and trust our vibes is rather easy.

Do a Vibe Check.

First, imagine a vibe scale from one (1) to ten (10).

One is an extremely bad vibe. To understand this level of a bad vibe, imagine sitting inside your car, in a dark underground parking lot. Just as you are about to put your key in the ignition, you notice a man standing outside your driver side window and he’s pointing a gun at you. You should be feeling a REALLY BAD vibe.

Ten is an extremely good vibe. Imagine opening up the morning newspaper to check the lottery results and your ticket just won the $42 million jackpot. You should be feeling a REALLY GOOD vibe in this scene.

For absolutely every decision from now on in, do a Vibe Check and always move forward when it’s a seven (7) or above. It’s as simple as that.

You don’t need to know why a vibe is good or bad. Just that it’s good or bad. Recently my husband came home from work with tickets in hand for a National Hockey League game. I normally love heading into the city for a game and never pass up the opportunity.

When asked if I wanted to go, my Vibe Check registered a three. I told my husband I couldn’t simply because my vibes said so. Off he went to enjoy the game with friends. I had the house to myself, put on my favourite music, read a little and fell asleep promptly at 9:30pm. It made no difference to me why my vibes made me stay home, but in the morning I felt rested and ready to take on the world.

I do Vibe Checks every day and for a variety of reasons. To live a balanced and peaceful life, I suggest you start checking your own when thinking about changing jobs, deciding what to eat for dinner, which movie to watch, whether she/he’s the right one for you, if you should buy or rent a house, whether you should say yes or no to social invitations, etc.

Like everything else, trusting your vibes takes practice. Mastering the skill will lead you in directions that are fulfilling, exciting and right for you. Making decisions becomes fast, easy and worry-free. Your vibes will never steer you wrong. It’s like having your very own internal GPS safely guiding you on the road of life.

Trust Your Vibes: copyright Louise Smith April, 2009. Feel free to share this posting with others. Copyright requires you include: / copyright Louise Smith when sharing.