Tower Defense Online

Video games have developed since the 1960s when PC games were at their earlier stages. Today, computer games are much better, faster and involve user interactivity, much more than ever before. In the earlier times the amount of games were limited along with the variety that was available. These days their are plenty available at your disposal. Some games have become very popular, Tower Defense Online is one of them.

Play Tower Defense games and you will quickly realize the strategy that is involved in this niche and enjoyed by many. The objectives in this game are generally to stop the enemy from attacking its target by building towers and shoot them down. The enemy along with the towers in the game have various capabilities. If by chance the player is able to defeat the enemy, they will gain points and they can take those points and purchase towers at their disposal.

Picking the towers along with location of placement is very important to your strategy when you play the game. In the flash games, or online tower defense, are illustrated by the enemy that moves through a path which let the player place and position towers in a strategic way. The game genre is inspired by Rampart, a game that involves protecting the castle with cannons along with repairing damages that might have occurred during attacks. Similar elements can be found in today’s games however they have much improved aspects to the game along with a lot of extra elements that bring out the fun factor of these type of games.