Tips For Farming Gold in WOTLK to Get an Epic Flying Mount Fast

Getting your epic flying mount is a huge accomplishment and opens many other doors that make your WoW gaming experience better. However, in order to get such a highly prized mount it takes some work in the form of farming for gold to get an epic flying mount. Coming up with that kind of loot is sometimes hard, especially if are not in the know on some secrets and the truth is the majority of players won’t admit it, but they paid in some way or another to get theirs.

However, if you take the time that is needed and put forth the effort you can come up the 5,000 gold it takes. Here a few tips that will help you get the gold you will need much faster.

Daily Quests

Sure these can be get old and boring but there is no better way to get some gold. Most of the players today can do about a month’s worth of daily quests, all 25 of them each day, to get the necessary gold it take for their epic flying mount. Plus after a month of these you can really sharpen your skills.

Leveling Professions

Leveling your professions is a must and can help you earn more gold quicker without a doubt. This is actually a common mistake a lot of players make regardless of why they are farming. Leveling your primary gathering professions is especially helpful. Stay focused on skinning, herbalism and mining.

Gathering Cloth

One gold farming tip in WOTLK is to travel north to Northrend and look for humanoid. You can get some good loot from them and you can find frostweave cloth that can turn some really good profits in the auction house. This is very helpful once you have leveled your profession.


There are a lot of gaming animals in Northrend and their skins can earn you some huge profits. Look in the Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord, here you will find a large number of animals for easy pickings. Skins sell fast so you can make some decent gold in a hurry.

Follow these tips and use a little patience and you can farm gold and get your epic flying mount faster than you think. Just like most things in life once you learn how to make a lot of gold you can enjoy the game much better. You just need to pad your wallet and you can compete with elite players that are usually packing 10,000 gold at any given time.

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