The Very best Junior Golfing Drills

Not absolutely everyone can have junior golfing lessons and develop into a kid golfing prodigy like Tiger Woods. It is most critical to maintain the game entertaining when introducing your kid to junior golfing lessons and participating in golfing. Have you at any time discovered how a junior just taking up the game of golfing? If authorized, they will consider a really normal golfing swing.

The young golfers are not imagining about golfing instruction or golfing mechanics. Enable your kid love discovering the game by their own trial and error right until THEY are completely ready to consider the game additional very seriously. You can maintain it entertaining away from the golfing system by maintaining a junior golfing journal at house. Keep in mind we engage in the game since it is entertaining.

Up right until the kid is in High School, observe classes should really be constrained in time so the junior is not more than-whelmed and should really only be taken to the observe facility if the kid would like to go and have entertaining. This will maintain the junior enthusiastic to go and observe additional normally.

In maintaining golfing entertaining, chorus from providing a junior golfing instructions and allow your junior swing as challenging as they want from time to time through their entire swing observe. As for your junior’s golfing grip, just make confident the right hand is decrease than the remaining hand for a right-handed golfer. Keep in mind maintain the entertaining and non-restrictive and do not worry about a appropriate grip, still. It would be additional valuable for you junior to engage in a game this kind of as staying ready to count to a few without the need of shedding their stability no issue how challenging they swing.

To maintain your juniors drive significant and to let your junior golfer to discover to feel the club, start off with putting and chipping drills. Listed here are some uncomplicated kinds to use:


Ladder drill – Working with a sleeve of balls (a few), Place a golfing ball at four ft, eight ft and twelve ft from the putting cup. Start out with the four foot putt. If you make the four foot putt, then shift to the eight foot putt. If you overlook the four foot putt, then start off more than yet again with the four foot putt. Repeat this right until all a few putts are built.

Pull back drill – Decide a extended putt in which you need to have to lag. Strike your putt. Did you make it? If then the answer is of course, then great. If not, shift the golfing ball a putter length even further away from the gap. Retain this up right until the golfing ball is holed.


More than the bag – This is a uncomplicated entertaining way to discover how to chip. Place a golfing bag off of the green and established up to chip a few to six ft powering the bag. The nearer to the bag you position your ball, the larger the challenge. Now earning your chipping stroke your goal is to distinct the bag whilst obtaining the golfing ball shut to the gap.

Chip to par – Decide a number of positions to chip from. Use a single golfing ball and as you would on the golfing system, chip the ball as shut to the gap as achievable. Then carry on to putt the ball into the gap. Incorporate up your strokes and go to the identical places and test to decrease your overall score.

These drills are uncomplicated to turn into entertaining video games or worries.

Take into consideration personal junior golfing instruction or a summer time golfing camp taught by PGA Pros if your junior shows the interest. If this gets to be an alternative, use references from mates and co-staff to locate the PGA skilled that would be right for your kid. All over again, the primary goal is to maintain it entertaining and not test to make your golfer into a mechanical equipment.