The Roadie Buzz

Of late, music based electronic models with the iPhone or iPod touch have gained great momentum given the many options of games, online games availability, reviews, and lots more in addition to the freedom to play online. Online dealers even choose the best of the games for its users, saving the latter’s time to surf through sites. But, here the story is altogether different.

The introduction of the Roadie is going to challenge games with the iPhone or iPod touch. The uniqueness is its blend of original metal music rhythm and side scrolling action. And you play the game as a guitar player with every note shipping you to a milieu full of adventure, fun, and thrill. It matters not if you are not familiar in guitar basics of the strings and notes. With every strike of the string, you just shred your way through high-speed action packed stages at multiple levels loaded with heavy metal music, letting you enjoy a rocking experience, which you have never encountered. This crazy real life game bestows you with a heroic role. You play the character of Roadie, the penniless rocker, and you become the earth’s last hope – that of saving it from hordes of enemy robots. The character itself carries lot of buzz, bestowing in you a strong personality to defeat all odds and turn out the winner. You get rankings on how you perform. Well, it is not as easy as it seems difficult. The setting is breathtaking with spiky walls chasing you (if you suddenly turn slow) as you hunt down the enemies at multiple stages. And every action is accompanied by head banging all-original heavy metal rock music, giving you the gusto to move forward with your aim.

Here are a few of Roadie’s unique features:

o Play the strings of the guitar and you enter an uncanny topography full of adventure

o High-speed action accompanied by rocking rhythm – music that has never rocked you hard

o Heavy metal all-original soundtrack; music that you have never heard in the world of games

o You play the character of Roadie, guiding yourself through an eerie world with multiple stages of play

o Inconsistence and complexity lets you rock the more no matter what your skill level is

o Unlockable achievements as you sail through hitting down enemy robots

o Rankings based on your performance and many more features.

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