The Most Risque Hen Party Games

The best way to have a wild and wacky night is to play some of the best hen party games. These games are fun and they are wild, and I mean real wild. The most exciting ones are the ones that are a little daring and a little dangerous. There are many to choose from but the very best ones are easy and simple to understand.

One of my favorite hen party games is one that is especially fun when you have gone away for a hen weekend. This is the kinky scavenger hunt. You are going to have so much FUN playing this game! You can go out to hunt for things in pairs or on your own, it is up to you and what you are looking for. You can hunt for things like the hottest guy, special foods, items of clothing (best if it is men’s) and other such crazy things. The hunt can include anything at all, just make sure that everyone has the same list and is searching for the same kinky items!

Drinking games are always fun as well. You can get snockered and still have fun playing these. Some of the best are quarters, of course. This is a simple game where everyone tries to bounce a quarter into the shot glass in the middle of the table. If you miss you have to drink. You can be drinking the hard stuff or beer or even wine. When someone misses they just have to take a healthy swig of booze. There are all kinds of drinking games out there for you to play for the hen party games. Just check online and you will have hundreds right there at your fingertips.

Not all of the best games are drinking hen party games though. One of my all time favs is the sculpting game. You can buy some plasticine or even make your own play dough and then try to mold different things. There are so many choices in this game. You can see who can sculpt the best male body part! You may even want to have everyone throw different parts into a hat and then everyone draws one out. Keep it a secret and when everyone is done the others have to try to guess what part of the body has been created. It is one of the most fun and silly hen party games because most people can’t sculpt and it can be really hard to guess!

Hen party games are fun for everyone. You can all play at these games and have so much fun together, just like when you were kids. Don’t worry about feeling dumb or immature, that is why these hen party games are so much fun. You can be crazy without having to worry about it because everyone is being silly! If you want to have a fun and exciting party then you need to have some good hen party games to play at it.

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