The Black Art of Video Game Console Design eBook: Download a Copy Online

If you’re a software development hobbyist who wants to understand the science of video game design with a take on hardware as well, then read Andre LaMothe’s The Black Art of Video Game Console Design eBook. Download a copy of this book that lets you in on how to create your own video game console.

This book is written for computer programmers or anyone who is fascinated by software game development and the hardware involved in game execution. Don’t worry, even those with no training in Electrical Engineering or Computer Programming can totally dig this book because it teaches the basic theories of electronics and eventually delves on basic video game console design and construction that can allow anyone to create their own console as platform for their games.

You can buy a paper back of this online as well as The Black Art of Video Game Console Design eBook. Download in sites that offer free torrent of this must-have for video game aficionados. Aside from the basic game development theories and instructions, the book also covers the following topics that are essential knowledge in understanding the software and hardware components of video game consoles:

1 – Fundamentals of atomic physics and a primer on semiconductor theory

2 – An introduction to circuits —- analysis, voltage and resistance

3 – Analog design

4 – Digital electronics and Boolean algebra

5 – Hardware construction and techniques on prototyping

6 – Introduction to combinational logic and building blocks of integrated circuits

7 – Finite state machine creation

8 – Basics of computer architecture and design

9 – Microprocessors and microcontrollers

10 – How to develop software for embedded systems

11 – Video, audio and input device systems design

12 – Computer interfacing and communications

13 – Complete design and explanations with discussions of numerous embedded designs including XGameStations

This book is very friendly even for beginners with no background of computer architecture. This book should be in the hands of every game programmer, as well as video game enthusiasts who dream of making their own video game designs. This is the answer to every video game hobbyist’s dream: The Black Art of Video Game Console Design eBook. Download your copy online now!