Review of Free Flash Game: Boxhead Zombie Wars

Boxhead Zombie Wars is a shooter game controlled with only one stick and one button. It is currently available on the iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices for $2.99. It is the Boxhead series’ 5th installment. Before it became a popular shooter game on mobile devices, Boxhead Zombie Wars was a web game developed by Sean Cooper. The game was published by MEDL Mobile, who also published the popular Fruit Blast and Jungly Jump.

In Boxhead Zombie Wars, you shoot hoards of undead zombies on three maps with three difficulty levels. Your primary goal is to avoid getting killed by the zombies and stay alive as long as possible. The mobile version of Boxhead Zombie Wars allows you to use your own music as the game’s background music as you play. The three difficulty levels modify the quantity and speed of the zombies that attack you. Boxhead Zombie Wars offers plenty of variety on how you want to kill the hoards of zombies coming at you. The game has a total of 11 weapons. The handgun works fine if you want the game to be more challenging, but the shotgun is better for killing a bunch of zombies each shot. You can also call an airstrike to wipe out all the zombies in the field. Careful timing of the airstrike is very important if you want to stay alive in this game. You can also place barricades to manage the zombies’ path. You can also set-up some turrets that help you dispatch the nasty undead. All of the weapons need ammo except for the handgun. Health and ammo pickups regularly appear on the map.

Boxhead Zombie Wars also have Devils as the mini bosses. They can breathe fire and are very dangerous. They give a huge point boost if you manage …

Full Version Game Downloads For Free?

It is not surprising that many want to find full version game downloads for free. After all, DVD copies of games can be quite costly and at the speeds gamers are playing, they run out of new games to play really fast. You may have gone to Yahoo or Google to search for "games to download for free" or "free full version game downloads" and are welcomed by countless search results. Question remains whether they are free for you. Many gamers who have had some experience dealing with the free game sites are met with certain undesirable outcomes. Either they download harmful computer viruses as well as spyware and adware with the game files, or they risk downloading pirated copies.

Game files are huge in sizes and can consume tons of bandwidth. Now, free sites are not really ready for you to download the games at the same time together with thousands of other users at any point of time. For popular game titles, the wait can be terribly long as they start putting caps on the download speeds. If your computer is running on a dial-up, it is a goner for you.

One more problem with downloading the game files for free is the files could be corrupted. Since it is free, quality is seldom checked and you could end up with corrupted games that just wouldn't install and run. It is so disappointing to know that after spending hours to download your favorite games like World of Warcraft, they do not work!

Before you give up all together and want to pick up a game from the local retailer, know this. There are now online game membership services that offer you access to get full version game downloads for less than $ 40. For this price tag, you …

Free Casino Game Downloads – Entertainment Unlimited

If you run search on the internet such as 'download free casino games' there are literally thousands of web sites that will cater to your demand. There are a number of types of casino
games that you can choose to download. The variety is ample and caters to all legal ages and sexes. So whether you want a poker game, a slots game or a game of good old blackjack, all you have to do is log on to the internet and do a quick download. And yes, best of all its free!

Types of free casino games available

There are many types of free casino games that you can download from internet. The online casinos have become wise to their customers demands and new, exciting games become available almost daily. Many different versions of slots, poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, bingo, baccarat and many more land on your desktop daily with a new twist, new jackpot or new way to play. Most casinos online offer start up bonuses with your opening of a real account and in some cases will even offer you free cash to start, just for becoming a registered player. They provide a free casino game download with access to not only your favorite casino game, but all casino games in their community.

Some necessary tips

Following are some tips that are recommended before you download these games. Firstly make sure that you have done some basic investigating in regard to the casino that you choose to ensure that they are reputable and honest. Casinos can be bought out by other, less honest individuals and quickly become your worst nightmare. Just because the casino offers a large bonus on your first deposit does not necessarily mean they are a trusted casino. When you visit you can …

Behind Enemy Lines Is the Best in Commandos Game Series But Causes Gaming Addiction

Do you think you are addicted to some games too?

Gaming is a multi billion dollar industry and makes more money than Hollywood movies. There are many video games that individually generated revenue in billions of dollars. Today. I will talk about one of those games which is Commandos Call of Duty series and made over $3 billion by the end of 2009. This game is composed of several versions such as Behind the Enemy Lines, Beyond the Call of Duty, Men of Courage, Destination Berlin and more recently Strike Force.

The newer versions are three-dimensional with advanced gaming features making them look more realistic. But the older version ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ and ‘Beyond the call of Duty’ were classic games. Just like we cannot ignore the classic video games of old 80s such as Pacman and Tetris similarly these earlier versions of Commandos were classic even with a two-dimensional gameplay.

Not sure why but after every six months (more or less) there arrives a need to install those old versions of commandos and play from the very first stage. I would say there are people on planet that are more than addicted to this game even after several years, so I need addiction help. This made me complete this game more than 10-15 times as I am not sure the exact number myself! Some of my friends are facing same problem making me think this game is perfect masterpiece and this sounds true when we look at the amount of profit it received.

I think these cool voiceovers are one of those reasons that repeatedly attracts me back to the game: “Coming right over sir”, “Are you crazy?”, “Wish I could do that Sir”, “Yaaa”, “Alfalista”, “Alarm alarm”, “Consider it done boss” and the list goes on. I could …

5 Reasons Why Game Day Excitement Never Gets Old

Game days are the culmination of lots of work … over days, weeks, months, and even years. Game days are also amazingly fun. So here with post four of "I Love Coaching" month, let's talk about the five things that are awesome about game day.

  1. Preparation. I love watching video and figuring out the puzzle that the opposing teams represent. I enjoy putting together the practice plans to get ready for competition. The other puzzle that's fun to figure out is my team. What should I say to them to make sure they've got the right mindset for the game? Is there a story or anecdote that I can tell to fire them up / calm them down / show them I believe in them / keep them focused … whatever the situation calls for?
  2. Suiting up. Okay, I don't actually wear suits to coach in, but I love that show How I Met Your Mother and Barney says that all the time. As coaches, we don't have to put on a uniform (except for baseball, for whatever reason), so our game day attire is the way we can signal to our brains that it's time to bring it. Quirk alert: I wear brand new tops for each of our conference games … I will not wear an old one. Those tops are judged harshly as winners or losers based on the team's performance. Winners are worn in a non-conference competition at a later date … losers never see the light of competition again. This confession leads us quite nicely into the next topic.
  3. Superstitions. Obviously, my tops (while super cute) have no bearing on whether my team loses or wins a game … that little nugget of truth doesn't stop me from doing it year after year though! My

Diving Deep Into The Game Development Training Market

"A lot of indie developers who became 'Overnight Successes' were working at it for ten years."

– Dan Adelman

The gaming industry is on a totally different level these days. Whether it's the Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence, game development techniques have made a difference to the market space throughout the globe. I am sure you must have heard about these names: Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go ', PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), or Candy Crush Saga. All these games were an overnight success. But that's not the point. How did they reach there or should I keep it this way, what was the key to their success?

A recent report on the gaming industry states that the international gaming market is expected to become a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2022. I am sure this will give a reason not just to play games but make one.

I know game development seems to be kind of a rockstar job, but the reality is totally different. Hence, it's one of the most innovative and creative industry; it needs ideas which can make a difference. Adding more to it, game development is a hectic task sitting hours and hours in front of a screen and doing crazy coding over it.

Now the question is what you need to do to get into the gaming industry? Game development is just like any other coding language. Whether its Unity, CRYENGINE, Frostbite, or Havok.

While going through a game development training module, you must focus on a few things. What are the essentials of design elements, what are the key stages in game development, how to use the law of physics, and what AI techniques are required creating interesting characters?

About the game development training process

Game development training must include a few steps of detailed learning. This …

Free Full Version Game Downloads – How to Download Video Games

Are you looking to get free full version game downloads? A place to download all you games without having to go to your local games shop? Whether it's for your PC or latest games console, there are places online that you can download all the latest free full version games.

The thing with the internet though is that it's full of scams, so you have to be careful where you download from. There are a lot of sites out there to download full version games from but if you follow a few simple rules you will find a great site that you can use for life.

Firstly, as tempting as it is, you should always avoid the free torrent sites. The files that are on these sites are largely unregulated, meaning that the games you download could have viruses and spyware on that even your antivirus software can't detect. For less than the price of a second hand game you can join a great site with all the latest games and have access to it for life.

Secondly you should choose a site which has all forms of media, not just full version games. The best sites have games, movies, music and TV shows all ready to download at the click of a mouse with no limits on how much you download.

Finally, you should check the site has a customer support section, in case you have any problems or questions you need answering. The better sites I've check out have a 24/7 customer support service. You should also check the site has money back guarantee in case you really not happy with the service. This is sure fire way to check if the site is a scam or not so always check for this.

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Free PSP Game Downloads

PSP has became very popular over the years, and has become a great entertainment device. But with a great entertainment device comes a great cost right? Wrong. Not anymore. With the internet and its many many resources you can now find free PSP game downloads, movies downloads, music downloads, and so much more. You can even find free PSP game downloads for other platforms such as Playstation, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega, and more. All you need is the correct software to allow your PSP to be able to do this.

This software I speak of are called emulators. These emulators allow you to download games from other platforms and play them directly onto your PSP. Just imagine how great it would be to be able to obtain free PSP game downloads(for any platform, including PSP games) anytime you think of one or see one in stores, at no charge.

What’s better is most of these sites also offer all the software and emulators needed along with movies, music and applications all on one site. To any PSP owner a site like this is a dream come true. Take that from a fellow PSP owner. Being able to download a movie or game whenever I feel like watching or playing it is a great feeling since your in complete control and don’t have to worry about if you have the money to do it or not since these sites offer free PSP game downloads, movie downloads, music, application and many more downloads.

One thing you may be concerned about is using up too much memory on your memory stick, this is also something I worried about. There is a simple solution to this problem. With most the sites that offer the free PSP game downloads, they also offer special …

Battle of the Milk Can Football Game Between Boise State University (BSU) & Fresno State University

Of all the odd names for college football games (or for that matter games of any sport) the coveted Battle of the Milk Can has to be arguably the most bizarre name in existence. In this annual rivalry game played between Boise State University (BSU) and Fresno State University the teams of masculine warriors square off in an epic battle to determine who will have the privilege of hoisting the Milk Can Trophy.

Individuals unfamiliar with the notion of playing a football game for something called the Milk Can Trophy would probably guess that the origins of the name must be rooted in some antiqued terminology native to the area. Much to the surprise of folks educating themselves about the limited history of the Battle of the Milk Can is the fact that the unique title began in 2005. Perhaps something as nonsensical as a battle over a can of milk should not be a complete surprise coming from two universities that are named after nonexistent states. When listing the fifty states in the union neither the state of Boise nor the state of Fresno come up.

It should come as no surprise that dairy farmers are behind the naming of the Milk Can Trophy. The Fresno State Bulldogs are located in Fresno, California and the Boise State Broncos are located in Boise, Idaho. It just so happens that California and Idaho are two of the top five dairy producing states in America at numbers one and four respectively. The Bronco Dairy Boosters give money to Boise State and at the same time another dairy organization called the South Valley Dairy Group gives money to Fresno State. The two men responsible for the unforgettable Battle of the Milk Can game title are Roger Fluegel and Dan Van Grouw who have …

How to Write a Video Game Script

Writing a video game script offers a challenge that goes well beyond the normal realm of writing. But it is also something that can be tremendously rewarding in the scope of its creativity. Here are some guidelines and tips for writing a video game script.

Today's video games are based in complex worlds and they tell stories. No longer does a player simply advance through repetitive screens slaying goblins and ghouls in a quest toward the goal. A player now expects to progress through a world where there is a rich history and a plethora of decisions to be made. This adds to the complexity of writing a video game script and it also adds to the richness of the creativity involved.

The first thing you need to think about is that writing a video game script is that it is not the same as writing a movie script. The two processes are similar and you do write a movie like script for your video game but that is only part of the process. There is a whole host of accompanying materials that you need to write for your game script. Here is an overview of what you need to write and why.

Write An Executive overview of the story in prose

This is the most important part of your game script and this is what will sink or float your script. This overview has to tell a compelling and unique story and it should tell the complete story from the opening scene of the game through the major steps all the way to the completion of the game. An overview like this can be almost any size and it would be very easy for this to be ten written pages or more. Remember that today's video games are very …