Stuttering Is A Gift! Am I Crazy Or Cool To Say This?

The best GIFT ever…STUTTERING!…And you probably already thinking that I am out of my mind. Stuttering? Gift? Crazy? Cool?…Confusing, isn’t it? Not really!

One of my mentors used to say “anything in life which gives you pain is a source of happiness and strength…you just need to learn how to use it for your advantage”.

I remember, one day we were on the phone. I was frustrated… No matter how hard I was trying, my speech and my life were going NOWHERE. I was very NEGATIVE, FRUSTRATED and HOPELESS.

Here is a short section from the phone call with my mentor:

Chazzler: I hate giving up, but I think it is time to be realistic.

My Mentor: What do you mean, Chazzler?

Chazzler: I am going to quit every single thing I do for my stuttering. I hate my speech and obviously I have to live with this pain all through my life…which I hope is not going to be too long because I can’t take this pain anymore. This is one hell of an EMOTIONAL PAIN. It affects my WHOLE LIFE. I HATE IT!

My Mentor: Feelings are illusions, Chazzler. They are the energy around you. Once a pain is NOT always a pain. If you have a big pain, that simply means you have a great chance to make a huge CHANGE in your life. Think about what it would be like to beat that pain.

Chazzler: Yeah, whatever. I don’t want to think about stuff which will NEVER happen.

My Mentor: You are trying to beat that pain with “something” Chazzler…and that is wrong! There is only one “thing” who can beat that pain, and that is YOU.

Chazzler: (kept silent)

My Mentor: Remember that what really is valuable is not solving a problem, it is who you have BECOME to solve that problem.

Chazzler: I know, but stuttering is not just a simple problem which can be solved.

My Mentor: I agree. I know how complex and tough it is… but imagine who you have to become in order to solve this issue… and now imagine what could you achieve in life if you can become that person. You don’t realize this but stuttering is a huge gift to you. Once you reach that point you will realize that you have become a totally different person…a MUCH BETTER person! In order to achieve your speaking goals you need to become an overall better person! Stuttering is not a “thing” which you can change just by changing that “thing”. Stuttering is YOU, so you need to change YOURSELF for better if you want to achieve your DESIRED RESULTS.

Chazzler: Great! Now it is not only about my speech but it is about who I am as a person. How cool! Congratulations, you just created me another huge problem…like I didn’t have enough.

My Mentor:…

By the time it sounded nonsense to me… until I personally experienced it in my life.

You know how some sayings do not make any sense to you until YOU actually go through the experience?

To achieve your speaking goals in life you need to improve yourself in various areas, acquire new skills, learn more, change, study subjects which will serve you in life, strengthen your belief system, etc.

Stuttering is a HUGE EMOTIONAL PAIN, not a very easy challenge to face. But that means you can become a HUGE person with valuable SKILLS, strong CHARACTER and a concrete VISION and PURPOSE in life.

Now…saying “Stuttering is a gift”…Do you still think I am crazy?

…Think about what you can do for YOURSELF at this point. You can do what needs to be done. Have a specific goal in mind, learn what needs to be learned, improve yourself in areas you need to, grow as a person and as a result you will not surprisingly will make it happen!

Don’t get me wrong though. You don’t have to become perfectly fluent!

At the end of the day, here is what matters:

Do you live a life where stuttering plays NO NEGATIVE role at any point in your life?

Do you do everything and anything you would do if you were a “non-stutterer”.

Do you have social skills which helps you to COMMUNICATE deeply and effectively with others?

If you can answer “Yes” to those questions, then I don’t think you would care whether you are named as “stutterer” or not. So, what would all these make you?

A crazy poor guy?


Stuttering is a gift if you can use it for your advantage.

It might be a pain in the beginning but it will worth it.

In order to overcome stuttering you need to become a better person.. and in order to become a better person you need to work on yourself and your skills to become a complete person which will not only lead you to achieve your speaking goals but also will lead you to create a new YOU for yourself and for your loved ones!

…and follow a life pathway where confidence, success and fulfillment will be waiting for you to enjoy this FUN GAME called LIFE.

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