Stickman Sniper Games

Stickman Sniper Games are a popular genre of online flash shooting games. Each game usually consists of you (the sniper) taking on multiple missions to assassinate rival stickman gangsters. This type of game involves skill, patience, and lots of killing!

In my opinion, the funnest and most popular stickman sniper games are the Sniper Assassin Series. There are 4 of them total. You play as a stickman sniper by the name of Shawn. Shawn is regarded as to being the best at his profession. In each Sniper Assassin game, you will have to complete a series of missions. The missions includes: taking out rival stickman gangsters, assassinating high priority targets, and avenging the death of your father and to make things interesting, the kidnapping of your beloved wife! One of my favorite missions is in Sniper Assassin 3. You have captured a rival and you have him constrained in a chair. You have many options to torture the stickman to gain information as to where your wife may be. Took me quite a long time to pass it! Luckily, there are walkthrough videos for all the Sniper Assassin Games in case you get stuck and need help on passing a mission. Sniper Assassin has a great story line and I suggest checking them out!

The newest stickman sniper game is called Sneaky Sniper. Sneaky Sniper consists of many mini-puzzle like missions where you must assassinate your target. Instant sniper classic!

Another popular stickman sniper game is the Urban Sniper series. There are two of them all together. In Urban Sniper, you play a sniper who is hired to take out rival gangsters and high priority targets for cash. You must be patient and keep your eye out for special targets who are sometimes, not easy to spot!

We can't forget the ever so HUGE epic adventure of Vinnie in the Sift Heads series of sniper games. Each Sift Head game walks you through a movie of sorts, staring the coolest stickman sniper Vinnie. The games feature awesome and bloody cut scenes in between the intense sniper action of each mission. If you like shooting games, you should definitely check out Sift Heads World Act 1 and when you finish it check out the latest Sift Heads World Act 2. Very fun game.

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