Softmod Wii Guide For 2010

As Nintendo continues to create patches for the Wii system menu, applying a Wii softmod gets a little more complicated. You were once able to use the Zelda Twilight mod to bypass the console firmware through a hacked save game, but that no longer works.

Now there is a new hack called the Bannerbomb mod. This works from any version of the system menu as long as you have the newest version of Bannerbomb. You can get this from their website, but note that the original version of Bannerbomb does not support 4.2.

Basically what this hack does is to use a malformed banner that crashes the Wii startup code and runs the boot.dol placed in the SD card root.

To apply a Wii softmod for 2010, you need:

  1. One SD card, formatted as FAT16 or FAT32
  2. A card reader for PC
  3. Bannerbomb data on your new card
  4. Homebrew such as the HackMii installer

And then you are all set to go. The process simply involves inserting the SD card in your Wii console, then firing it up and following a few installation steps.

However it should be noted that using this strategy leaves a lot of room for error, especially if you have never modded your Wii console using softmods for Wii. While you probably cannot do permanent damage to your system, you can make alterations to the firmware which will render your Wii ‘bricked’ or unusable.

When you have your freshly formatted card with Bannerbomb data you will then need to run the boot.dol file on the root menu. You can do this by selecting the data management screen at your Wii’s startup.