Smart Gamers Learn How to Copy PSP Games

If you’re a typical PSP gamer, you’ve spent time wondering how to copy PSP games. You’ve probably been discouraged by other who have told you that it’s impossible because of the PSP games’ built-in copy protection. They’re correct about the copy protection, but dead wrong about the impossibility of making copies. What they’re really admitting is that they don’t have a clue as to how to copy PSP games.

In order to copy PSP games, you’d need to find a good game copying software application along with instructions on how to copy a PSP game. This software would have to capable of bypassing the PSP game’s copy protection, and still make high quality working copies. Can you imagine how fantastic this would be if such software actually existed? Well good news for PSP gamers. The software does exist, and it’s readily available. With a copy of game copying software you can copy your games to a memory stick, or burn them to your hard drive.

The software application recommended by most PSP gamers is called Game Copy Wizard. It’s easy to install and use, and it makes excellent copies quickly. All you need to make copies of your PSP games are the game copying software, some blank DVD disks, a computer with a DVD burner, your original PSP games, and of course a set of instructions on how to copy PSP games. Once you have all the equipment and supplies on hand, you can begin making copies as described in the following steps.

1. Install the game copying software onto your computer and turn it on.
2. Insert an original PSP game disk, and follow the onscreen instructions.
3. Remove the game disk when indicated, insert a blank DVD disk, and follow the instructions given on the screen.
4. Remove the completed copy when indicated.

That shouldn’t take more than about an hour to make a high quality copy of your PSP game. It would take you at least that amount of time to drive to a retail outlet, pick out a replacement game, and return home. Plus the fact that you wouldn’t ever have to do that, once you learned how to copy PSP games and make your own backup games. So don’t delay. Get a copy of Game Copy Wizard and start protecting your valuable PSP games.