Seduction Secrets To Attract ANY Girl Part 11

Now that you’ve introduced a moderately heavy and personal subject into the conversation (attraction) and you’ve also started to touch on some sexual stuff, you have to pay attention to how comfortable (or “uncomfortable”) she is about these subjects, while you’re having the conversation, and while she’s around you.

If she’s totally comfortable and into it, you can continue on down that path and see how far you can go with it.

But, IF she starts to get uncomfortable or doesn’t want to discuss those subjects too much, it’s time for you to take a step back. It means she’s not quite ready yet for those subjects. And, you never want to force anything on her, remember? That’s not how a master seducer does it.

Be ready for this ahead of time (and thanks to this website, you will be. ;-) Change the subject to something else. Ask her about her work, or her family, or something a bit more casual and light.

Then, when you’ve got her feeling comfortable again, and maybe got her laughing some more, you can gently revert back to the sexual talk. Start off slowly and then gently turn the heat up. Example…

You: Hey, have you ever experienced that “perfect kiss?” You know the one where you just get totally lost in the moment, and you forget about the rest of the world. It’s almost like… time just stands still… Have you ever had that?

If she says “yes,” then get her to feel it again by using descriptive language, by having her describe what it was like, how she felt and what sensations she experienced in her body.

If she says that’s she has never had that “perfect kiss, ask her… “Well, what’s your idea of a perfect kiss? How would you want it to be? How would it start for you?”

And then let her go off with it. If she’s not able to describe it, you can always help her with the description. ;-)

Again, preparation is key. Think of how you’d want your perfect kiss to be. Or ask one of your female friends to help you out with it.

NOTE: Do you notice the “language” I’m using when I talk about these ‘emotional’ experiences? I’m talking the way most women think and experience life. They’re very sensuous and romantic beings. They love “details” and elaborate, colorful descriptions, especially when it comes to the subject of romance and sex. It’s also why they’re a lot more interested in long, extended foreplay than most men are.

If you really want to get good at having women feel strong emotions while they’re with you, pick up a romance novel the next time you’re in the bookstore or library. Flip through the pages and read how the story is told, and how the authors describe events and experiences in it. Don’t just read the story, pay attention to the “language” – pay attention to how they talk and the descriptive words they use.

Remember, if you want to be able to sell to your target market, you’ve gotta know how to ‘speak their language.’ Onwards…

You: Mine would have to start out reeeeally slow. So that our lips are just barely touching. And when they do make contact, you can almost feel this tingling sensation, this shiver up your spine. You can feel the soft lips touching yours. Warm, slightly wet… so sensual… so romantic… it just turns you on so much. You know?

Her: (Breathing heavily now) Um hmmm

Remember, as you are (or she is) describing that perfect kiss in detail (in “present” tense) she is going to start imagining it all in her mind, and she’s really going to start getting very turned on.

Keep monitoring her comfort level at all times. (In fact, it’s a very good idea to do this from the very beginning of the game, right from the moment you first meet and talk to her.) If she seems to be enjoying the feeling, you can slowly lean over and…

Go For the Kiss

When I tell most guys to kiss the woman at this point, they get scared and surprised. “Well, what if she doesn’t want to be kissed,” they ask me.

My response is… “How will you find that out unless you go for the kiss??” And, for Pete’s sake, don’t ask for permission before you kiss her. That’s what “most guys” would do, remember? You’re not “most guys.” Just watch her and see what signals she gives you. Then, go in for the kiss.

Note: You’re not “forcing” yourself on her. You’re paying attention to how she feels and reacts. If she’s not comfortable with it yet, she’ll stop you. That’s ok. No big deal. Don’t take it as rejection. She’s just not ready for it yet. (Believe me, if she doesn’t want you to go there, she’ll make it very clear.)

Talk more about feelings and emotions, and past experiences. Yours, hers, other peoples. The more she talks to you about it and feels all the emotions again, the more she will associate those feelings with you and the more ready she will become.

Sometimes, the first meeting is all it will take. Other times, it may take 2, 3, or maybe even 4 meetings before you get really hot and heavy.

Keep your head in the game. Don’t lose patience, and whatever you do, do NOT become desperate or angry. That is a turn off, and it’s also what will scare her off. (At the same time, be willing to throw the towel and move on, if you’re sure she’s not interested.)

Remember, you want her to chase you! So, don’t appear too available. Give her reasons that will want her to chase you! Set up the challenges as you did initially, and let it be known that you are a “rare commodity.” Guys like you are scarce, and she doesn’t meet one everyday.

So, if she’s smart, she will do what it takes to keep you. Again, you’re turning the tables on her. Usually, it’s the men who will do whatever it takes to hold on to the woman, even if she’s completely worthless.

Leave Them Wanting More!

What happens when you get just a small taste of your favorite food or dessert? You want more, don’t you? And what happens when you get a bucket full of it? After you’ve eaten as much as you can, you don’t wanna even look at it again.

Think along those lines when sharing your personality, and yourself, with women. Don’t immediately lay it all out on the table. Tease them a little. Leave some mystery and intrigue. Women love to use their imagination. So, help them to do that. ;-) . And, whenever you part ways, especially during the first few meetings, leave her with anticipation.

Example: Before I leave, I will usually say something like this… “Remind me to tell you about ____________ the next time I see you.” (Fill in the blank with something that will peak her curiosity. Women are curious creatures. ☺ )

Let them wonder about you until the next time they see you. You’ll definitely be on their mind. Anticipation can be a wonderful aphrodisiac. And, it can be a big part of your seduction plan.

Constantly Test & Improve

What’s the best way to get better at something? Practice, practice, practice. It doesn’t matter how much you learn from this website or from other resources. In the end, the only way to get better is to actually apply what you learn and put it into practice out in the “real world” where it matters. Where real women are. That’s the only way to master this material.

So, get out there, and start talking to women. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. That’s how you will learn and become better. Prepare as best as you can… and then, start meeting and talking to women. And, don’t forget your mistakes either! You will make some mistakes. That’s guaranteed. So, don’t be afraid of that. Just remember the “lessons” within them. Learn from them. Become better. Test everything out on women and keep improving on them.

We all have our own styles and personalities. By practicing and testing, you’ll find what works best for you. I’ve given you enough information here to beat most guys to the finish line. You now have the “unfair advantage” over most guys, and most women too! ☺

Use it wisely. Use it responsibly. I will leave you with those wise words, Oh Future Seduction Master. ☺ Remember to have fun with this! And enjoy the results you get!