Princess Parties

Lots of little girls get caught up in the magic of being a princess. Go to any toy store and you’ll see aisle after aisle of princess products and when has there been a Halloween without several if not a load of princess costumed kids coming to the door? See what I mean? Princesses are everywhere and if you have a daughter who just loves the whole idea, a princess party can’t be far behind.

So where do you begin? Well, bring out the tulle, the sparkles, the glitter and the ribbon, it’s about to get girly in here! From the invitations (you can print them out, buy them at the store, make your own) to the cake, you can either come up with a specific theme (blue and silver if Frozen is a favourite for example), or simply glam up your space with beads, pink and purple streamers, shaped balloons, puffs of tulle, you name it, really anything goes here. The sparkly the better. You can adorn the table with tulle running up each side, add confetti to the table top, and put a tiara at every space on a pink paper plate.

If you want to go one step further, have each child decorate her own foam tiara (available at craft stores) with glitter, gems, ribbon and the like that she can then let dry and wear for the rest of the party.

Instead of musical chairs you can play musical thrones, with princess music playing in the background and each child holding a magic wand. Rules are the same, just no pushing, it just isn’t princess-y to do so.

Bubbles, stickers, nail polish, princess craft kits, bead kits and candy rings make great additions to the goody bags as do crafts that you make with the kids during the party. And that brings us to the food. Princess food of course, think pink drinks, pink straws, glittery sugar rimmed glasses, pink popcorn, sandwiches cut with cookie cutters into tiara and heart shapes, pink cupcakes and the crowning glory, a princess cake.

Imagination will take you far when you are planning this day of pinkness for your little one. Nothing if off limits, anything goes and time waving bubble wands around in the backyard will give you a little break in the midst of princess heaven.

For more fun have each guest dress as their favourite princess and above all, have a blast!

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