Play Hard to Get – The Key to Getting Him Interested

Are you really awful at playing hard to get because you prefer to be straight up and honest with a guy?  Have you watched your friends do this to plenty of guys and you find it so deceitful and dishonest?  Is it just a game that only juveniles play and you want no part in it?  Think again.  Not only is this an effective way of piquing his interest, you’ll benefit from it as well.  Just read on to see why you should never pass up the opportunity to play hard to get.

Imagine being approached by a man you’ve never seen before.  He talks to you for all of a minute then asks for your number.  He’s cute and seems nice so you think, why not?  Well, for one thing, you don’t even know anything about this guy, and you’re giving him the impression that you’re really an easy woman.

You’ve lost on both counts.

While playing hard to get will show him that you consider yourself special enough to make him work to get closer to you, it’s also giving you a chance to really see what this guy is made of before you even consider getting closer to him.  It’s not just his handsome features and killer grin that need to win you over.  He has to prove he’s got more.

If you’re unsure just how hard to get you should be, the key is to always let him see that you might be interested in learning more about him without giving too much of yourself away too fast.  It’s a good way of taking baby steps into a relationship.

While in the midst of a conversation with him, don’t hang on his every word and gush at the slightest thing he says.  Be interested and polite, keeping the conversation friendly and fun, without letting him know you could really get into him.

And when he asks for a date, don’t jump in with an automatic yes.  Think about it, maybe even put him off for a week or so.

This is what will get him to realize he has to up his game if he really wants to impress you.  If you’re afraid some guys will just give up the moment they learn they can’t get quick and easy sex with you right away, don’t worry.  These aren’t the kind of guys you want to build a relationship with anyway.

The guy who’ll go to great lengths to prove himself worthy of you is the guy who’s really worth your time.  He’ll hang around to talk to you, even if you’ve refused to dance with him.  He’ll take the time to get to know you before asking for your number.  And he’ll take it slow and easy when it comes to initiating a physical connection with you.

When he finally does win you over, he’ll feel he’s won a great challenge and you’ll have learned just what kind of man he really is.  Now that’s the benefit of playing hard to get.