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Hey guys it is tyler hear back once again with another video on Assassin’s Creed the NCO collection so a new trailer just dropped out the not a bunch of the guys already done videos on it soI’m not going to totally just address that and it wasn’t that big enough to do anything really on like in terms of videos so I thought since the entire collection is releasing next week it’s a bad time I do a video on kind of my final thoughts leading into the unblocked games release and tell I’m excited battered and what I’m going to expect from things like that and I’ll talk about this new trailer as well so I mean I will say this to start and I said before it’s that I wanted when I thought of memory mastering the intricate trilogy I thought of this big vision of amazing stuff they could do did I expect them to do it note but there’s a lot they could have done with it more than they are doing and I wish they had done that but the reality is what they are doing still excites me having from the first announcement I kind of realized okay if it’s this soon and they’re only enhancing like two months before it’s obviously not that huge of a game it’s not that huge of an improvement so when the first trailer came out I was actually surprised that have different assassins creed two looked and I’m very happy with how its looking leading into this release it looks like a full re master whereas brother revelations look like a port over with just a little shiny and clean it up a little which is nice nothing bad about that the reality is the three great cool math games soon there’s nothing to be upset about with them being released on the counter generation of consoles for people who don’t have them if they’ve already gotten me know and apply him obviously the community squat split on whether they’re excited about it or not so its just the way it is unfortunately but I ‘m excited with playing assassins creed two and with this new trail you seen if anything looks better than I saw or expected from that first trailer which cut scenes obviously this lighting improvements as texture improvements thing like that but sing the comparisons of game play likely i was flying machine seeing Venice is a lot more with adding the textures I have with adding the lottery and Colin grab it sounded so much more depth to the look of the world and landscape now obviously in comparison to the newer games the world’s bit tricky in terms of the white Venice is kind of build and you seen this game play I mean it does look a bit tricky and a bit odd because the textures and look so good and it’s almost like the box look of the buildings doesn’t really fit how good the lighting textures everything up but it’s I mean it’s okay because its still a huge improvement and it does look way better so it’s going to be really nice i think going into the entire collection it’s something that two months ago we didn’t even expect to happen so it’s this little kind of out of nowhere shocked that he is the entire collection you ‘re getting the tier trilogy they’re gonna look a bit nicer and assassins creed two is going to be remastered it’s not the greatest re master I ever imagined for it but it is that all the same and that exciting saska toon is one of my favourite games of all top some came for it and this new. unblocked games at school