Play Bridge and Other Games Online

If you find it difficult to get out of the house, and don’t have many visitors, it’s important to keep your mind active, and one way to do that is of course to play games that require a little mind work, such as bridge, or even chess.

You can learn how to play games online, play games against a computer, or even better, against real people.

If you want to learn how to play bridge, try:   It does cost $7 a month, but there’s a host of things to do there, from learning the game to playing against computers. When you feel confident in your skill, you can also play against real people.

The experts choice for online bridge –or so they themselves claim– is
Here again you can play against people of all levels. This site costs money as well, $99 per year, which is only about 28 cents a day. Not too bad.

If you already know how to play chess – or checkers! – why not give this site a try.  You can play against the computer, against real people right away, against other people (called correspondence games – you do this via email) and so on. It’s a lot of fun. You can play here for free.

Another place to play is at:

And if you need lessons on how to play chess, here’s one site.

There are other games besides Bridge or Chess that you can play online.

For example, Go.

The game is far more complex than chess, here’s the description of it:

"Go is an ancient board game for two players, considered by many to be the ultimate abstract strategy game. Invented in China around 3,000 years ago, it is probably the oldest game that has been continuously played in basically the same form. Though its rules are simple, the large number of possible moves each turn make it far more complex than chess."

And here’s another site that teaches you how to play:
(It’ll ask you if you want to install a language pack. Don’t bother, you won’t need it.) However, although the default language is English, you can always click a button to get the instructions in Spanish, German, French and 30 other languages, including those in Cyrillic alphabets.
Online gambling is now illegal in the United States, and frankly I’d like to advise you that even if it weren’t illegal, not to do it. There are plenty of challenging games for you to play – and indeed you can find sites to play bridge for money. You want to play skill games, not games of chance! So stay away from gambling sites, please!

For the elderly or someone with signs of alzheimer’s, keeping the mind active is very important; playing the games mentioned and others online is a very good way to do this. If you need assistance finding websites that provide this kind of activities or other senior living services, visit one of the best resources on the web and fill out their short survey to find services that match your needs.