MLM Recruiting – The Simple Way

Making money in the MLM industry can be tough. Whether you like it or not, a successful MLM business requires hard work, dedication and a lot of mental focus. If you’re reading this page then you’re probably struggling in your MLM business. I can’t guarantee that what I’m about to reveal will work for you. However, if you take these tips and incorporate them into your recruiting strategy, the results will show.

So, how do you build a really successful business in the MLM industry? Basically, you need to sponsor people and teach them how to do the same. The average Network Marketer sponsors between zero and two reps in the span of three months before they quit. People quit because they can’t recruit and people can’t recruit because they don’t know how.

So what you need to do is simply recruit at least fifty people into your company and have them do the same. Well, out of those fifty you might get three people who sponsor 100 people, 10 others who recruit 1 or two people and the rest who recruit no people. Recruiting fifty people can be done over six months easily. All you have to do is talk to at least ten people a day and tell them about your opportunity. The key is to ask them the right questions and get them to tell you that they’re interested. Once people tell you that they’re interested in making more money, you can tell them to go watch your company presentation.

That’s really where the magic happens. Talk to people, identify the curious prospects and get them to watch your company presentation. Your presentation should do the selling for you and answer all the dumb questions people tend to ask. The biggest MLM secret is called picking up the phone! Most people hide behind their computer screens and never get into contact with anyone outside of their circle of friends.

In order to make a full time income in the MLM industry, you need to talk to people outside of your warm market. When you start, you should always talk to your warm market and get a few of them to join you. You should never underestimate the power of your warm market. Some of the biggest teams in Network Marketing have been built through warm market recruiting. But after you have gone through your warm market, you need to attend networking events or get on the Internet and meet new people.

All you do is capture people’s phone numbers, call them up and get them to watch your presentation. Then you ask them what they liked and sign them up. The secret is that it’s a numbers game! The more people you talk to, the more people you will sponsor into your business and the more money you will make!