Mage Leveling Guide – Principles of Mage Leveling

Mages are an amazing class in World of Warcraft, and they are a bit difficult to master, but once you master playing with a mage you can break the leveling speed record. If you are thinking about getting a mage leveling guide, I recommend you to choose an automated universal guide instead of it, because these automated guides provide step-by-step instructions and I will tell you everything important about mage leveling.


Many new players don't recognize the importance of a good talent build, but this is the key factor in the leveling process. The perfect talent build for leveling should include those talents, which provide the highest overall damage output increase. So, as mage, the best talent tree is the Fire, since it is the most mana efficient. In case of mage, the best talents are usually passive talents, since mages already have a ton of damaging spells. So, the most important talents are the Improved Fireball, the Ignite, the Critical Mass and the Pyroblast. More detailed talent guides can be found in a mage leveling guide, but in my opinion you don't need more details on this, you will find your favorite talent build.


Besides the talents, the right equipment is also really important. But this does not mean that you should search for the best epic items all the time. Actually looking for epic items are waste of time low levels, because higher level green items are always better than lower level epic ones. So I mean you should select those items, which provide you the most valuable statistics. For your mage you should choose those items which provide Intellect, Spell Power and Stamina for survival. After reading my mage leveling guide, I recommend you to immediately start using these tips and maybe you should check out the best automated leveling guides, since they provide you step-by-step instructions.

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