Las Vegas – A Super City

With the stock market making 1000 point swings and the problems with Europe, not to mention the riots in Greece one has to wonder what’s next for America. Will this contagion spread? Well I’m not too worried about it. Why? Because I live in Las Vegas the safest city in the world.

In fact, borrowing the term super city from Harry Dent I believe las Vegas will become one of the super cities of the 22 century. On par with a city like Dubai and… We’ll it’s hard to think of many because the conditions in making a super city are quite rare. Let me make the case for Las Vegas. First one has to understand how the macro economics of the times will affect all cities. They will have to cut budgets and services, less firemen and police, less county workers and less city workers. All leading to higher unemployment, which in turn leads to rising crime rates.

Of course the press will blast the media with messages of declining crime rates. I’m already seeing articles like this everywhere. But us ones, living in the neighborhoods can tell another story. Last week my youngest son had is bike stolen will at GameStop. My oldest son had a van pull over and rip him off his bike and take the bike where they end up back in bike shops for sale again. Most of us have stories of shootings. Well enough of that. The point I’m trying is the crime rate goes inverse to an economic decline. Many cities become very dangerous when fathers in tent cities have to feed their children.

Ok! Why does any of this make Las Vegas a super city, after all for years it’s been nicknamed sin city. We’ll ask most living in Las Vegas and you will get a surprise response. It’s a great place to raise a family, the suburbs or very family oriented. Its probably another one of those inverse equations where sin city is perceived as a bad place but it’s really not. The friendly people in the world live here and everybody watches out for the children more than in any city in American. We have an outstanding police force that understands the locals and cares. OK again why? We’ll you’ve heard of capital flight right. It usually happens on an international level but times are changing. What if you were higher middle class and saw your city slowly deteriorating, Take Los Angeles, Especially cities with sea ports were terrorist can find easy access. If I were that father I’d pack my bags and head for Las Vegas. Again why?

Well to finish let me go into detail of Vegas security. There is a world class police force as well as a world class casino security. Everybody is committed to the locals. In a city with millions of strangers on any given day locals know who locals are and we have a bond. We also have a world class security force city wide from Nellis air force base and Area 51. There are only four roads into Las Vegas North, south, east and west. On each of the roads outside the city are government sensors that will detect and uranium or other substances and notify the military. This means no bombs coming in by car. The west desert is a giant military that houses area 51. The other desert areas our satellite monitored 24/7. No one’s carrying a bomb in through the desert. We Are Safe From Terrorist. A Plane you say.We can have the blue angels up in minutes. Remember even O.J. Simpson’s conversations were recorded in his hotel room, Surprise, how safe is that! In a world about to go crazy I choose Las Vegas. Many will wake up to these revelations and the capital flight will begin to Las Vegas. A sheik bought 50% in world renown City center, also the green building ever made. With upper middle moving their families to Vegas they bring their money and investments. Home prices will rocket again and growth will be limited for security sake. The first comers will be the smartest And they will put those smarts to good use I’m sure. The only thing more important than money is family and ideas. Something all the locals know.

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