Hyper Dash

Since Christmas season is fast approaching, have you ever thought of a wonderful game that will take fun and entertainment of spending time with the family to new heights? Have you played a game that seems so easy but actually tricky and would surely test your brainpower and skills? Christmas is a happy moment of good food and happy times, and great family game is a creative way to bond.

Hyper dash is a game of speed and agility that will certainly satisfy your thirst for a cool, enjoyable and challenging electronic game. This game is so good that it was renowned as the Winner of Creative Child Magazine's Top Toy of the Year Award in 2009.

This amazing game comprises of a single electronic tagger along with targets with five different colors and numbers. The tagger will play pre recorded music and determines which targets you must strike. You need to follow the commands in the shortest span of time since the player with the fastest time wins the game. The set up can be done indoor or outdoor and an option of playing the game solo, in pairs or in teams. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier-Hyper Dash can be played by your circle of friends on a barbecue party or by the whole family during a fine, sunny afternoon.

With four varieties of game modes such as skill, memory, teamwork and coordination, along with selectable skill levels that will indeed test your speed and capabilities. The easiest level only calls the colors that must be tagged, while level two has both colors and numbers. The third levels calls out further special commands which include reverse and double reverse, double strike and triple strike. The final and the most difficult level, calls out a compu-strike feature, such as to add or subtract numbers for players to tag the sum or the difference.

Hyper dash can be learned easily because the rules and mechanics of the game is simple, but it does not mean you can win that easily too. The fun and challenge factor won't bore you at all because to become the real master of this game, it will take lots of time, skills and experience. Take on a longer and more complex series of commands if you think your alertness, speed and skills have improved and you crave a greater challenge.

Hyper dash is a great sport to improve your athletic skills, agility, math skills and simply to have some fun. This is an excellent game that won't just keep you fit and healthy, but also brings laughter and quality time spent with family and friends.

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