How to Play Monopoly Game?

Monopoly game can be defined as a board game which must be played at least once in your lifetime. Although there are a lot of monopoly game lovers who play this board game frequently, in fact there are a number of people who like to play it but no clue on rules of playing. Here are some simple steps to follow on the playing steps.

1. At first, you need to set your final goal is to get the most money and also assets at finished of the game.

2. Check your box which should enclose a game board, 2 dices, money, 32 houses, 12 hotels, Chance and Community Chest cards, 11 tokens and Title Deed cards for the properties. This is the standard monopoly game pieces.

3. Place the game board properly and put on the Chance and Community Chest cards respectively on the provided areas.

4. Each of the players chooses the favorite token and put it all on the “Go”.

5. A player should be selected as the Banker. This person should in charge of the money, Title Deed Cards and all the buildings.

6. Then, it’s the time to distribute the money. All players should receive a total of $1500 which includes 2 $500 bills, 2 $100 bills, 2 $50 bills, 6 $20 bills, 5 $10 bills, 5 $5 bills and 5 $1 bills.

7. To decide who to go first, each player needs to roll the dice and the one who has highest points will get the chance to move first.

8. When you roll the dice, the number on the dice will decide how many steps you may go on.

9. When you land on the property, you have the choice on buying or not of the property. If you choose not to buy, the Banker will auction it to the highest bid from the players which start at any prices.

10. Once you land on the property which owned by other player, you will have to pay the rent to him or her. The owner should always remember to ask for this before the next player throws the dice. If this happen and the owner forget to ask, you may not need to pay the rent.

11. By the time you land on the Chance or Community Chest, take a card from the stack of cards and follow the instructions in the card. All the instructions in the card must be followed.

12. If you roll doubles, keep the dice. After your turn, you will need to roll again.

13. If it happens that you roll doubles for 3 times in a row, you will need to go to jail.

14. Every time you pass through or land on “Go”, you can get your salary from Bank for $200.

15. There are few methods for you to escape from jail. You may use a “Get out of Jail” free card to do so. Or you can pay $50 fine before rolling the dice whereby on your 2 turns next or roll doubles during any of the 3 turns following your imprisonment which you won’t get any other turn. Nevertheless, you will have to pay a $50 fine if you cannot roll doubles on the third turn.

16. Finally, it’s the time to decide who the winner is. The player who has the most money and assets than other players will win the game and will be crowned as Monopoly Champion.

After following all these guidelines and instructions of the monopoly game, you may start to play it and for sure you will get the unlimited joyful throughout this monopoly game!