How to Get a Guy to Kiss You on a First Date – 4 Powerful Tips

Hey Girl,

So He finally asked You out on a date J Great, you’re on a good way of becoming The Girl of His Dreams, but there’s still lots and lots of stuff to learn on How to Get a Guy to Like You. The thing about the first date is that it happens only once, so You have one and only chance to shine and You have to do it right. You will need to be on the top of your game, so pay attention! If he asked you out that’s a sign that he LIKES you, but your goal is to make this guy fall head over heels for you, and you came to the right place. I will give you 4 Tips on how to get a guy to kiss you and fall in love with you on a first date. So, here we go J

 1. Flirt, Flirt and Flirt again

This is the first thing you need to learn, and remember

it is very important! From the moment You see him You need to turn on the sexy side of You and rock that with confidence. How to do that? Well, number one is- Smile. Practice Your Sexy smile, the smile that will light up the room you are in. When You smile it makes you more open and inviting and guys respond to that well.

There is no easier way to get a guy interested in You. He won’t know what hit him, but he will be more relaxed and more comfortable in your company. J Ok, now the second thing is- Eye contact. Again, very important and works 100%. Try to catch his eyes and when you do hold the look for a second longer and give him one naughty smile. Slightly lick your lips, flip your hair casually over your shoulder, twist it or run your hands through it. These are the oldest tricks in the book, and I’m telling You they work every time.

2. Dress to Kill

Like I said, looks Are important. Why? Because, with guys it’s all about the Visual! Remember that and never forget it. If You want to get a guy you like to fall in love with You on a first date You need to look stunning. Dress something that shows off your best physical feature. If You have a rocking ass show it off in a tight dress or show your cleavage if You are blessed with it J Anyway, your goal is to make his jaw drop when he sees You.

The thing is that he has to see that You take care of yourself. Smell amazing, do your hair, do your nails, do smokey eyes, do absolutely everything you can do to make your appearance stunning! And last but not the least, make your lips irresistible to kiss. He won’t be able to say No.

3. The Attitude

Men are attracted to a woman that is confident in herself. So no matter what You wear or how good You look, the first thing You need to do is convince yourself that You are the best, the prettiest, most amazing girl that ever walked the earth’s surface. This is going to be the key to getting a guy to like you. You need to show him with every word You say and every move You make that You are the girl who knows what she wants and that he should fight for your attention.

Be casual and interesting, when he talks listen carefully, laugh at his jokes and  The most important thing on getting a guy to like you – don’t talk too much. Less is more J so don’t just throw everything about yourself on a table, keep some mystery. Guys love challenges, so be one.

4. Get closer

If You want a Guy to kiss you on a first date You need to make some physical contact with him. I’m talking about some little signals that will get him more interested in You. Because if he thinks he doesn’t have a chance, he won’t let himself get engaged in the idea of having You.

However, if he feels that he has even a slightest chance, he will do everything in his power to try to get You. So use these little powerful signals to draw his full attentiontouch his hand or knee slightly when You laughpull your chair closer to himtouch yourself while looking in his eyes, putt a lip balm in front of him, pretend to be cold so he would place his hands around you, etcYou get the point! Don’t ever underestimate the magic of touch, it will send tingles up and down his spine.

Your friend,

Jessica Barton