How to Drive Your Ex Crazy For You Again? Your Ex Will Never Avoid You After You Use These Points!

Who cares if you love your ex, when they could care less? Who cares if you cry your eyes dry everyday thinking about what you don’t have, because your ex has left you? Who cares if your ex ignores you and avoids you, because you act like a pathetic loser? Who cares if your ex doesn’t want to be around you, because you are extremely desperate and have no self respect? Well I sure don’t, but I do care enough to teach you exactly what you need to do to change everything around. Here is how you can make your ex crazy for you again….

Stay away! – your ex is fire, now do you really want to stick your hand in there and get burnt? You see, you cannot just call your ex a million times a day and think it’s ok. You also cannot flood your ex with emails, messages, cards, text messages and god knows what else you have been doing before you came here. Now that you understand what being a psychotic-stalker-desperado means, refrain from even contacting your ex for the next two weeks; and I don’t want to hear any whining.

What the two weeks does – within these two weeks, you have the chance to change yourself, and trust me, you need to! Your ex got sick and tired of your pathetic self, and decided to dump you and avoid you; which is exactly why you need to stop making the same old lame mistakes you always do. Change, and you will get your ex back. As well, the space your ex will have finally, will make your ex feel empty. The lack of attention from your end will make your ex desperate to get it back, and he/she will become curious to speak to you again.

The icing on the cake – before the two weeks are over, you may find your ex messaging you and doing all kinds of crazy things, but you are not to respond to any of them, as that will ruin everything. After the two weeks are up send your ex this message:

“crazy. I have something sexy lined up for you, so make sure you do what I said on friday”

This will make your ex absolutely crazy, and now he/she will be trying to contact you like crazy to figure out what this message meant; and now you will literally have your ex desperate to get you back.

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