Have you Ever Wondered Why Women Cheat?

So you want to know why women cheat? Well get ready because it’s rather simple. Have you ever had a relationship where everything is perfect, you can’t wait to see that person when you get home from work, you can’t stop thinking about them during the day and you just can’t get enough?

Have you noticed that the start of the relationship is where the magic tends to happen, where it is surprising and spontaneous and where you make that extra effort? Does it not make sense that 20 years from now your relationship with your girlfriend or wife will be stronger and not worse?

I have been guilty of doing what I am just about to tell you, I have met a woman and put all this energy and time into it to come to the realisation that I have done what I have to do and became, yep you guessed it comfortable.

It happens with friends too. Have you ever met a new group of friends and spent this first month with every spare moment you had until it just started to die because nobody made the effort anymore?

You must NEVER get comfortable in a relationship, you want to always be experiencing new events and building attraction.

Do you know anyone who has cheated on their husband or boyfriend? Have you asked them why? The main reasons I believe women cheat on men is simple because the guy gives her everything she wants, lets her lead the relationship and is no man but a boy.

Men who don’t put the time and energy in to make that spark with the women, the men who can’t say no to a woman, men who don’t make their own decisions for their own lives, men who seek approval from women, men who drop all of their plans to please the woman.

So why the hell would these women stay with these men if they don’t really want to be with them in the first place? That’s another simple answer, I believe that their security is there and they know they can come back and there guy will be there for them not asking any questions because they are too scared to lose them and they will support and care for them in the long term.

The reason women go to another man is number 1, he is a man and because they simply don’t feel that much attraction to their partners. Women want things they cannot have, its like anything that is scarce in life. Women want a man to say no to them, a CHALLENGE. If there is no challenge then its boring and there is no prize at the end of it.

So then how do you get it back if you lost the connection? Start as if you just met her and build attraction and anticipation. Find out what her needs are and be fun and playful but create that spark again in the relationship. There is a famous saying “what you resist persists.” So resist her at times make her work for it, don’t just give it up. Don’t women do this ALL the time to you? So it is only fair to play the game too.

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Wishing you great success friend