Have Fun with Stick Wars Hacked

Stick Wars Hacked is one of the most interesting flash games that are flooded over the internet. We at Much Games welcome you to the wonderful world of gaming which would change your world boring days into interesting ones.  Stick Wars Hacked is a game that is completely based on strategies where you will have to use your troops and miners in order to gather money, attack and defend other bases.

In Stick Wars Hacked, you need to take your own army to different countries and defeat their armies so as to bring all the people in the world to come completely under your rule. You get unlimited money from the hacks which would facilitate you to buy as many troops as you wish in order to crush your enemies.

Your mission as a gamer in Stick War Hacked is to take control of your army according to its foundations, or you need to play every unit. You need to have complete control. Learning the way of the Spear, Archer, Sword, Giant and even the Mage along with mining gold and building units is what you would do while gaming. You will have to destroy the statue of the enemy along with capturing all his territories.

You will use the “MOUSE” to take control of any character. The ARROW KEYS or the WASD will be used to move your character. You shall need to press SPACEBAR in order to attack or mine which depends on the character you want to control. If you are controlling Spearton or Swordwrath, you will need to press the “Q” key in order to block. In order to summon minions while controlling Magikill or throwing Spearton while controlling Spearton, you need to use “F” key.

Stick Wars Hacked is one of the most addictive and fun games available online at www.muchgames.com. This is such a game that you can go on playing without having any account of time. There is an array of options available for you at your disposal that includes Giants, Magikills, Speartons, Sword Wraths, Archidons, the low-key workers called miners. You have the option of taking control of the units during the whole session when you are playing the game, or your marching orders can be issued from the above. In order to insure life in this game, you need to play carefully.

In order to have total control, you will need to take control of the formations of your army. Various nations will surround you in the world of Inamorata.  Each nation has developed ways in its unique method to attack and defend. These nations are struggling to gain dominance over the entire world. You are the leader of the nation called as “ORDER”, and your way is associated with peace. Weapons are not worshipped by your people. All you have to do is grab the first chance of attack and get the technologies from every nation along the way of the game. Hop on to the game and enjoy the war!