Gold Farming In WotLK – One-Shot Method To Make Gold For The Epic Flying Mount Riding Skill

Stacking up 5000 gold for the artisan riding skill is quite a hard nut to crack for many players in World of Warcraft. There are so many easy and fast ways to gather that amount though, especially now, in the WotLK era. Therefore, I will point out in this article, a nice method for gold farming in WotLK, the get even more than you need for the epic flying mount riding skill.

This is my favorite method for gold farming in WotLK, but it may not work as good for every other WoW player. That's because there are some requirements for it. This is what you need to make gold by my method.


1. At least one level 80, good geared character. I know that there are players that are just working on their first WoW toon and don't have a level 80 yet. In that case, I suggest other methods than this. Grinding and / or gathering works perfectly to make gold as you're leveling up a toon.

2. Raid leading experience. That's right, you may have guessed that what you'll be farming can be found in one of the WotLK raid instances. So, to have full authority over a raid's loot, you must assemble and lead one yourself.

3. Icecrown Citadel experience. You must know the tactics for the first 4 bosses in ICC at least, and not only from your character's perspective. You have to know exactly what every class must do for every encounter, so that you can assign tasks properly. Otherwise the raid will fail, players might just flag you as a noob and never join your raids again.


If you know how to lead a raid and have quite some ICC experience, this method for farming gold in WotLK is quite simple. Once you have assembled the raid group and you are ready to go, reserve the BoE items and / or the Primordial Saronite for yourself. Or at least reserve the 1st BoE item that will drop. Most of the BoE epics in ICC sell for over 5000g and from the start until the 4th boss at least one of these items will drop.

Now, as I said in the beginning of this article, this method for farming gold in WotLK is not for everyone. It applies better to the hardcore players, but even if you are a casual player with little raiding experience, you can still pull this off.

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