Games for Quilters

If you find yourself in charge of planning games for quilters for an upcoming club meeting, retreat, or party, you have a fun task. All you need is a little imagination, which you already have since you are a quilter!

To plan games for quilters, get inspiration from your children’s parties. An age old kids’ favorite is “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” How about a quilter’s version, like “Pin the Block on the Quilt” where players try to get as close as possible to pinning into place a missing block from a paper version of a 9-patch – blindfolded, of course, just like in the children’s version of the game.

Another game for quilters is QUILT, instead of BINGO. You’d need to make cards for each player and create pieces by which to call the letters and numbers (for example, Q-12, U-25, I-33, etc.).

How about a spin off of the children’s party favorite “Clothespin Drop?” Instead of a clothespin, use a thimble. Have the participant try to drop the thimble inside. Each player gets three tries to see who scores a thimble in the bottle the most times.

Are you looking for a guessing game for quilters? How about pouring old bobbins – some empty and some still partially wound – into a fish bowl or large glass container? Give each quilter one guess to see who gets closest to the total amount of bobbins actually inside the glass container. Including bobbins that are still wound with a little thread along with empty ones should create a challenge for your quilters.

Create a challenging game for quilters by giving them a sheet of paper and asking them to list as many quilt patterns as they can think of…but limit the time to a minute or two at the most. The quilter with the most quilt patterns listed wins the prize.

If you like to create word searches or crossword puzzles, take time to print out enough copies so you’ll have plenty of games for quilters at your event.

If you are planning games to be ice breakers or to promote team spirit, why not plan a scavenger hunt? Divide your quilters into teams and give them a list of items they must find. Items could include various quilting supplies, a certain fabric print or brand, the sky is the limit!

Another fun team game for quilters is a thimble or bobbin relay. Whichever sewing notion you choose, have team members race to successfully carry the notion to the finish line. The catch – they must carry it in a teaspoon!

If you have a door prize to give away and want to do something other than simply draw a name for it, turn the giveaway into a game for your quilting friends. Color code empty thread spools and dump them into a bag. Have only one “Gold” spool. Fill the bag with shredded paper, Easter basket grass, etc., if you’d like. Each guest gets to draw a spool from the bag. The quilter who draws the golden spool gets your special door prize!

Don’t stress too much if you are planning games for quilters. Remember, quilters have a good time whenever they are with fellow quilters — whether planned games for quilters are included or not. Quilters have historically been known for their fellowship – just look at the old quilting bees when the women of the church or community gathered to piece and quilt treasured heirlooms.

Your quilting event will certainly be a success with the right mix of quilters, snacks, and a couple of special games for quilters.