Flirting With a Stranger

Flirting can be great fun, but when it comes to doing it with a stranger it can be a daunting task. You face the risk of rejection, embarrassment or sometimes creepiness. It isn’t that bad however. Read on to find out what you can do for bridging the gap between you and the stranger.

Laughter is the best medicine

Positive emotions always work and there cannot be anything better than laughter. Positivity helps you keep them engaged to what you are saying and doing. Also try to be funny and crack jokes. Your sense of humour could be the best way to get a positive reaction from the person whom you are flirting with.

Talk about something common

Find something common that you could talk about. Did you just bear witness to a weirdly dressed overweight woman, who slipped on the pavement? You both had a good laugh, now may be you could talk about it. Try to bring up issues about current topics and find out the person’s views on this.

Don’t hit on other people

Do not hit on other people when you are trying to flirt with someone otherwise you will create a very bad impression on the person concerned. They might be in a mood for intelligent talk. But generally speaking it is difficult to make an impression on a person if you look interested in someone else.

The number game

The more the merrier. Having friends around you lessens the likelihood that you will end up looking like a weirdo while trying to hone your flirting skills. But do not have your friends surrounding you. Just ask them to be in the vicinity.

Body language

This is of utmost importance. Your body language reveals a lot about you even though you may not think it’s true. Try to appear welcoming and sincere. Don’t avoid eye contact. Also, do not forget to keep an eye on their body language. If they are interested you will get to know.

Try it with your friends first

If you do this then you will never fail when you flirt with a stranger. Flirting with your friends will give you the confidence that you can do that with anyone. If you go wrong somewhere your friends are always there to guide you. So it will be a good idea if you try flirting with some of your buddies. Now that you know all the rules of flirting go ahead and have a blast. Try not to over-do it, for the whole idea is to have some fun.