Flat Screen TV Buying Guide – How To Pick a TV That Best Suits Your Requirements

If you want a flat screen TV buying guide, but you don’t need a guide that’s overly complicated or takes you too long to read, then this is for you. This article will cut straight to the chase and give you all the key information in an easy to digest form. First we’re going to take a look at the main sorts of TV available, then look at the major companies out there, and then we’ll check out  the key features you might want to look for.

What Are the Main Kinds of TV?

Now, I’m sure you’ve already decided on the kind of size TV you need, so here we are able to deal with more important factors. Regarding the screen technology available, you’ll find ultimately three main kinds of TV screen: LCD, LED, and Plasma.

– Thin, light.
– Come in a variety of sizes.
– Good for bright rooms.
– More manufacturers and sizes to choose from than Plasma.
– Are inclined to cost more than Plasma screens of the same size, but this really is becoming less so as time goes on.

– A form of LCD display, but with a different type of lighting.
– Uses LED to light the LCD particles, versus Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps, which were used in older LCD screens.
– Better energy efficiency.
– Longer lasting – doesn’t degrade the way that older style LCDs.

– Great for large displays (42 ins or greater).
– Can be viewed from almost any angle.
– Fantastic for high-speed action, such as games, sports or action movies.

Which Brands?

– Innovator and market leader.
– Pioneer of LED technology in LCD TVs.
– Very popular brand – probably the best, if you had to name just one number 1 make. Definitely the best-selling in the United Kingdom, anyway.
– Superb picture quality.

– Another good make.
– Offers a wide range of plasma TVs, but additionally makes LCD and LED.
– Produces some high-end HDTVs known as Infinia.

– Market leader for Plasma TVs.
– Makes LCD TVs as well.
– Makes some extremely large televisions.
– One of the first to provide 3D.

– Offers a variety of high definition televisions, from low-priced to high-end versions called the Cinema Series.
– Plan to begin producing 3D sets in the near future.

– Newer company (started in 2002).
– Creates LCD TVs.
– Brands itself as “America’s number one LCD TV company”


There are numerous features that TVs have nowadays, but here I will discuss some of the main things to look out for.

Screen Refresh Rate (Frame Rate)
– For LCD, get the new 120Hz or 240Hz TVs.
– Plasma has exceedingly fast transition between frames, so copes better with fast digital action.

– PC input – some TVs have PC input, so you are able to surf the internet on your Television.
[email protected] – some Samsung TVs have a function called [email protected], which provides access to the net when you watch TV.
– Some other new TVs also allow internet access to services such as YouTube, Netflick, Facebook, etc.

– Wi-Fi – connect to your home network.
– HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface.
– PC input – as mentioned above.

Easy Settings & Specific Modes
– Game Mode – some TVs (e.g. Samsung) have a specific mode for game playing, which optimizes the sound and image specifically for this use.
– Picture Wizard – this is a straightforward step-by-step wizard that comes with LG TVs and lets you easily adjust your picture settings.
– Some TVs can even detect the lighting of your room and automatically optimize your screen settings.

The Decision is Yours

So, as we can see, there’s a lot of different factors which might determine which kind of TV you are going to buy. After you have decided on the size of the screen you then need to decide on the screen type, whether it’s Plasma or LCD. After you have decided on that, it’s best to check out  the brand that is the leader in that particular technology. For instance, if you’d like an LED style LCD TV, then Samsung is probably your best bet. However, if you decided on Plasma, then LG is a good choice. After you have made that decision, it’s really just a case of keeping an eye out for the features you would like, and reading reviews from existing customers, to find out whether it’s a pretty good model to buy.