Fishing For Nettlefish in World of Warcraft

I know a few of you may be getting a bit sick of fish related topics but bare with me. This is the 3rd installment into my epic fish feast experiment and we move onto the final fish required to cook it. Nettlefish are found in Wintergrasp, Ulduar, Dragonblight but most of all in Sholzar Basin. A lot of guides about this fish suggest going into the heart of Sholzar basin where the fishing quest for the ghostfish takes place. Whilst it is true that this spot usually has around 3 pools they do not respawn fast enough to be classed as an efficient place to catch them.

There are two sensible options for routes to take. One is to start off at rivers heart and work your way down one of its 4 tributaries. The second option is the one I used and involves starting at the northern end of Sholzar Basin at Bittertide lake. The lake is big enough to provide enough pools for an average speed fisherman to constantly loop around it. If you are finding the pools aren’t spawning quick enough for you then you always have the option of following the southern tributary that leads to Rivers Heart as it usually contains 2-3 pools. The main reason I decided to do my route around the lake is that my character is a miner and at the west end of the lake are 3 mining nodes which could at any time spawn some tasty titanium ore or some rich saronite deposits.

Fishing up 200 of these beauties took 104 minutes and came with 81g worth of materials and Pygmy Suckerfish. Now when we look at selling the fish and its cooked variants we come to a bit of a disappointing conclusion. Not only does the raw fish sell for less than the other two fish used in the fish feast but once we add northern spices it actually loses value.

The raw fish goes for 1g31s on my server ( if you can find any buyers). Adding some tasty Northren spices turns it into Spicey blue Nettlefish and comes with a decent +40 critical rating and +4- stamina bonus. Unfortunately not many people value the critical rating over other buffs and the value of the cooked fish is around 1g9s. Unless you intend to use this food on yourself in raids or are leveling your cooking skills there is very little reason to cook this fish. Which is a bit of a shame for those who spend a lot of time farming items like saronite ore in Sholzar Basin and might have appreciated a break from the grind.

That’s the end of the individual fishing parts of the fish feast epic article set. Next we cover Northern spices and how it can be used to line your pockets with lots of lovely greedy goblin gold!

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