Farm Games

Farm gamesFarming games – the mix of time management and simulation games

From time immemorial people have always practiced farming. This being so, there are a variety of farming business options available for your choice. These options can be transformed into a highly profitable business ventures. People have been able to venture successfully and make good farm business.

Farming Games are simulating the life of your own small farm. Farming Gamespainfully reflects the real life difficulties of running a farm. Elements of the game are intended to reflect aspects of real-life farming.
Playing farm games you obtain experience that can help you in real life. You can simply find out all the hardships of its business.
I’ve gathered a few tips which can help you in farm business (not only virtual)

* An appropriate enterprise
* A well laid out farm and key infrastructure
* Develop a low input farm
* Develop a source of support labour
* Develop a networks of contractors
* Link to established markets
* Develop a communications network

Farm Frenzy game series
All the games of Farm Frenzy series to manage your own farm.
Farm Frenzy

If you thought life in the big city was crazy, wait until you get a load of the country life in Farm Frenzy! Daily chores have never been more entertaining as you cultivate your fields, feed your animals and gather the items they produce. Better keep the bears away from your ducks, though, or you won’t have any eggs to sell at the market! So show Old MacDonald how it’s done with Farm Frenzy!

Farm Frenzy 2

Farm Frenzy 2 will give you a newfound appreciation for Old MacDonald! With a click, click here and a click, click there, you’ll be feeding chickens, collecting eggs, stocking up your warehouse and shipping your goods off to market. With heel-kickin’ music and hours of down-home gameplay, Farm Frenzy 2 offers a bumper crop of fun!

Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party

Return to the farm to create your favorite food! You’ll start out by growing grass, feeding animals and collecting produce…then you’ll turn your goods into the ingredients you need to make pizzas that will be enjoyed around the world! Don’t miss all the fun in Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party!