Employment News of This Week – Interview Mindset

Looking for a job just isn’t about you finding a job and getting it done. It’s about being in a proper mindset. Imagine this, you break up with your girlfriend, your car breaks down, or you even heard the latest unemployment news. It’s Monday and you decide to post your resume online. Four hours later a prospective company calls you for phone interview. How do you think your mental state will be? Do you think you’ll be able to deliver you’re A game? Probably not, in this case it might be better to take a day off… or in this case possibly even a week off. Once you are in the proper mind set write down on a piece of paper 3 benefits to why you need to work and picture in your mind why you need this job and the benefits it will bring if you have it. I will provide 3 examples below
Picture the benefits: List at least three benefits.
1. Need Money to support my family
2. Looking to do something meaningful with all my spare time
3. Need to save up money for new car
Prospective employers can hear it in your voice if you’re nervous, upset, or mad, whatever the case may be. So this is absolutely imperative that when looking for a job you stay positive, focused, and energetic. Interviewers interview 100s of candidates a year, if your interviewing for a job you may interview as many as 6 times before you get a second interview! You also probably won’t have all the interview questions and answers down pact. In gambling they say “the house always wins.” In this case it holds true because the interviewer will get the right person for the job they are looking for. Our goal in this book is to answer the toughest questions they will throw at you perfectly while having the right mindset. If the house always wins don’t you want to be a part of their family/house? r! The break down is simple, first we look at what the interviewer is looking for as an answer, then I tell you the wrong answer that many candidates say. After that you are literally fed the correct answer in many cases word by word. Finally, we talk about the outcome and why it’s best to go with that answer. We may also potentially go over some interview questions for employers as well. You can only get this info from www.employmentnewsofthisweek.com. It is the best source to learn how to interview that any serious job seeker should check out.