Don’t Have an Uno Deck? Play Crazy Eights

Uno is a fun game to play but sometimes you just don’t have the Uno deck to play with. What can you do instead? How about playing crazy eights?

Crazy eights is nearly identical to The Uno card game. The only difference is that this game uses a standard 52 card deck, which is easier to find. Here is how you play it.

Each player gets 5 cards and the deck is put in the middle with the first card flipped over. That suit is the color you must play on your turn, but you can also play a card of the same rank.

So if the first card is a 6 of diamonds you can play a 6 of hearts on top of it. Then hearts become the new suit, and so on.

The eights take the place of wild cards because you can place them on anything and just call out a suit. That suit is the suit that everyone must play with now.

All the other rules are the same as Uno, when you can’t place a card down you draw until you can; you want to get rid of your cards, and so on.

The only bad thing is the fact that this game doesn’t have all of the cards like draw two and skip. That kind of is a little bit of a bummer. But you can use your creatively and change that.

For instance you might want to say, all 2s are draw two cards, all 5s are skips and so on. That could make the game more entertaining. Also if you wanted to be really creative you could always make up your own rules such as 4s mean you skip two players, and things like that.

Basically the moral of the story is, if you want to play Uno and don’t have a deck you shouldn’t let it stop you. You could play almost the same game with just a regular pack of cards.

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