Copy PS3 Games – Burn and Backup Your Ps3 Games

If you are a lucky owner of a Ps3, you have perhaps frequently wondered how you can burn ps3 games so that you can safely tuck away your original copies so that they don’t get damaged. You see as unbelievable as the ps3 console is it seems that the way they convey the games to console owners hasn’t kept up with technology. Sure the amount of data that can be hold by these disks has increased 10 fold but one thing that has remained continuously over the last few years is the DVD, CD or Blu Ray format. The formats are all disk based and they are prone to simply scratching which means that when you purchase a game in excess of $100 that it only takes a single scratch to render that game useless.

This is the reason why people searched for ways that may be helpful and safe for burning ps3 games just in case that very scenario of scratching a disk takes places. Now thanks to the advent of technology that you can easily burn ps3 games which means that you can keep your original games in a better safe place out of any harm’s.
Nowadays, companies like Sony have put protection so that their games would not get copied, since there is software available which will take no notice of these protected sectors of the disk and thus don’t allow you to make a backup copy of the game you own.

Essentially for burning Ps3 game you only need few of the things, Obviously a PC, a DVD burner, a backup disk, the original game and our special software to allow burning. Once you have all these items it’s as simple as putting your original game into your PC to make a backup image, anywhere this could take from 30 mins to 1 hour depending on your processor. As this process has been completed, get your backup disk and place it in your burner, load the special burner software and then click go. It’s as simple with that.
So on the whole this is how easy it is to burn Ps3 games and how you can keep them safe your original Ps3 games.