Copy PS2 DVD Game – How to Backup Your Playstation Games

Initial allow me say that copying PS2 video games you do not personal is unlawful and is deemed piracy. Having said that, if you have a legit copy of a playstation 2 game, then it would be clever to make a backup copy due to the fact DVD disc have a limited time.

Usually, if you play a PS2 game continuously each and every day for a few hrs, the lifespan can only final for a 12 months at most. Which is not to point out the scratches on the playstation 2 disc if you accidentally dropped it or your playstation 2 set has faulty mechanical challenges.

Here’s in small generally how you can copy PS2 DVD video games.

Initial matter you need to have is a DVD/CD burner.  A standard DVD push (DVD-ROM) will study CD/DVDs but it will not generate to a CD/DVD. One way to notify is to glimpse at the description on your DVD reader. If it states DVD-ROM only, then you only have a reader and can’t burn DVD. If it states nearly anything like DVD+R or DVD-R or DVD-RAM, then your reader can burn DVDs.

The 2nd matter to need to have is a DVD decryptor, it is a application that permits you to decode the facts in ps2 DVD so that the DVD/CD burner could study it so that it could be copied in your blank disc or into your computer.

The simplest way to open the application is as follows.  The 1st move would be to open dvd decryptor then go to MODE>ISO>READ and then it will copy the game and make an iso file on your computer hdd.

Second move would be when that finishes go to MODE>ISO>WRITE and then choose the iso file that decryptor just built. It will burn the file to the dvd and presto you are finished. I propose you set the generate pace to 1X to reduce generate DVD challenges

Also observe that, at times it may possibly not burn properly and you may possibly need to have to try yet again if this takes place. Dependent on the measurement of the facts, it may possibly choose wherever from thirty minutes to a few hrs.