Can PS3 Games Be Copied? Finally a Solution to Copying PS3 Games

Can PS3 games be copied? Find out as we go on. The Ps3 is the most popular videogame in the world. Buying their CD’s is very expensive and because of this, gamers all over the world are looking for ways to back up their games by trying to copy PS3 games to external hard drives just in case the disc is stolen or destroyed in any other way.

When it comes to PS3, using Mod Chips, CD and DVD burning and PC-DVD ROM drive aren’t successful techniques in trying to backup PS3 games this is because PS3 mod chips are not available and the standard CD/ DVD burner cannot make copies of the Blu-Ray discs that PS3 is usually stored in. those discs also have some extremely advanced encryption techniques that make it difficult to copy the discs. The Sony Company, which makes these good PS3 games, has used some unique encryption algorithm that cannot be hacked by anyone. They are highly protected by the company.

There are however some online companies which claim to have PS3 game copying software. These companies sell this software to people who are desperate to copy PS3 games. After they have bought the games, they realize that the software does not actually work. They just can’t copy those games. There is some software that succeeds in copying the games but when it comes to playing the copied PS3 games, it’s a fail because the games do not play at all. This is how they say their Game Copy wizard works.

The Game copy wizard does not require any other extra hardware or some sort of advanced computer software to operate. There is a Blue-Ray burner with a Game copy wizard which can work for anyone who wants to copy Blu-Ray game discs. This Game copy wizard not only works for PS3 but also other games such as the X-Box and any other gaming platform that is PC based.  It can also allow you to copy your video games onto the normal CD’s and DVD’s. This software is very easy to use. Its interface is quite straight forward and there are also some detailed instructions to help you have an easy time. Using it is like using an image-copying computer software. By following the instructions step by step, you will be able to copy then save the game in ISO image to your hard drive. You can then transfer the game to a blank Blu-Ray compact disc. The process of copying the game to the blank Blu-Ray disc will take you 2to 5 minutes.

All this information is a big lie. There is no PS3 copying software that is genuine. If you play copied games on PS3, the machine rejects them.  There are hackers who have resorted to hacking through using a device in the form of a USB stick. This directly transfers the PS3 games into the computer hard drive. The other way is by opening the hardware and installing a mod chip. This is dangerous as you may end up breaking the warrant.