Blockbuster Game Pass

If you are an enthusiastic gamer but are afraid to buy your favorite titles for the fear of steep prices, you can think about renting them from Blockbuster Game Pass. By selecting a rental plan that goes well with your budget and your needs, you can have your pick from a large library of games that Blockbuster Game Pass members have access to. You can even enjoy playing the most up-to-date releases once you decide in favor of Blockbuster Game Pass.


To obtain games from Blockbuster Game Pass, you just require to decide the number of rentals that your Game Pass allows (could be either 2 games or a single game). With your Blockbuster Game Pass, you can have the benefit of playing games as long as you want to. You may modify your pass whenever you want to by going to the Blockbuster store from where you bought your pass. Your Blockbuster Game Pass membership will be renewed automatically each month on the date of your purchase. This pass will stay valid until you terminate your subscription. Blockbuster Game Pass offers two way free shipping and has no return dates or postage charges.

Unlimited DVD Rentals:

Blockbuster Game Pass gives you the facility to rent all the movies that you desire by paying just $14.99 per month (in addition to taxes). You can get a maximum of 3 DVDs at a time. As no restrictions of due dates exist, you can enjoy viewing these DVDs multiple times and retain them till you have seen them the umpteenth time. Once you are prepared to return them, use the pre paid mailer for returning these DVDs. Blockbuster Game Pass will send you a new selection from the titles that appear in your rental queue. To enjoy viewing the movies on a continuous basis, all you have to do is to keep your queue filled up.

Additional benefits:

You can get two free ecoupons from Blockbuster to get game rentals or in-store movies for free. To use this facility, you have to get a print out of your ecoupons and take them to your nearby store that is a participant in this Blockbuster plan so that you can enjoy your free game rentals or movies.

Delivery time:

Renting DVDs from Blockbuster is a very simple affair. You just need to visit the website and keep your queue updated by adding movies to it. You can expect to get your DVDs from Blockbuster Game Pass within a time span of 1-3 business days. Once you have finished enjoying the DVDs, return them using the prepaid postage envelope. The next pack of DVDs will be on their way soon.

No need to rush to return the DVDs:

Blockbuster members could keep the DVDs as long as they wish. As no due dates or late fees are charged, you can watch the DVDs at your own pace without hurry and send them back only when you want to view the latest or a new collection. So, by paying a flat amount as your monthly rental subscription, you can enjoy the DVDs of your choice.