Best Way to Use Starcraft 2 Terran Turtle Method & Strategy – Pros and Cons of SC2 Turtling Tips

Turtling is the tactic that engages grouping a massive defense and waiting till you have an enormous army to exterminate your adversary. And due to the sheer strength and sluggishness of Siege Tanks, the Terran force is one of the top turtling forces in SC2. I am not a fan of this scheme but I will show you the best way to use Starcraft 2 Terran turtle method & strategy.

To have a successful turtle, your army should be composed of Siege Tanks, Hellions and Battlecruisers. Build plenty of Hellions and inflict a great deal of harm to your enemy’s base as possible. Due to their fast pace and enormous damage against lighter units, Hellions could rush past a rival force deep into their mining reserves and cause mayhem on workers mining.

Whilst you are still busy sabotaging the enemy’s economy, you must set up some additional factories and begin strengthening the defenses in your base by means of Siege Tanks. Missile turrets and bunkers are important as well to maintain the opponent at bay as well as put off whatever suspicious air and concealed attacks.

The moment you possess two to three bases, you should construct a Fusion Core then begin making Battlecruisers. Build additional Starports to produce them faster. Do not fail to remember to acquire Yamato Cannon upgrade to eliminate vital units with the Battlecruisers.

In general, pros and cons of SC2 turtling tips are pretty much apparent. The primary Achilles’ heel of Terran Turtling is immobility. To avoid being overwhelmed by your opponent, you should scout more often and take advantage of the weak points at your enemy’s expansions. If you’re a fan of epic and long games, then this is the best way to use Starcraft 2 Terran turtle method & strategy.

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