Best Gaming Monitors under $150- Buying Guide

Investing in Good Monitors is a difficult process for any gamerthat won’t break the bank, for any gamer. Which is why we making this list of the finest gaming computer screens under $150 which you should consider getting.

If you’re playing a Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMO), Real Time Strategy (RTS), First Person Shooter (FPS), or research, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate (4x) game, or if you play casually or hardcore doesn’t matter, everyone needs a good computer screen, and no one wants to spend all of their gaming funding to get it. So, don’t fret, this post is mainly for you personally.

Before we delve to the precise we should go over some gaming monitor techno babble.

Additionally, it helps the game feel fluid, although response speed effects competitive online games the most. Lower the reaction speed is much better for gaming. However, any gaming computer screen with and under 5ms response speed is ideal for gaming.

Another variable to consider is the Hz of the monitor. The 120hz monitor improve motion resolution than 60hz and can have better responsiveness. So, you might expect clarity without lagging with higher Hz screens in serious gaming. But, we recommend assessing your games console or PC Hz constraint before getting any gaming computer screens.

Contrast Ratio is the ratio of luminescence between the black and white, the higher the better-looking picture. Now let’s check our listing of the best gaming computer screens out under 150 dollars!

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  1. BenQ GL2460HM 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor: Finest surround sound gaming monitor for under 150 dollars-2017

This beast of a computer screen is the largest monitor on this particular list, and don’t let them fool you: size does matter, for some at least. This will likely be your pivotal selling point on this particular screen, it’s an enormous 24″ displaying total High Definition 1080p that you will likely not find elsewhere.

The computer screen has built in speakers which will be a fantastic option for the gamers that don’t desire external loudspeakers or the headset. Its stunning contrast ratio of an LED backlit LCD resolution combined:1 ratio, and 12m gives bright whites and dark blacks.

At least consider how movies will look on it if you’re not sold on this computer screen for gaming. A drawback however is the weight: 9.48 pounds, likely not going to cause an issue for most gamers, but worth saying if you frequently take your computer screens on your day-to-day jog. Or more practically to bring-your-own computer screen LAN parties.

  1. ASUS VS239H-P 23-Inch Full-HD LED: IPS gaming that is finest monitor that cost less than 150 dollars-2017

Speaking of LAN parties, for almost any man who frequently, takes their computers to LAN parties this should be an easy purchase.

The KENSINGTON security lock is a bit of security that is additional, just in case. Obviously, if you’re planning on hanging this attractiveness the ASUS VS239H-P conveniently is designed to allow for this, with an additional capability to tilt for the ones that don’t have any need. There is absolutely no doubt this screen is one of the greatest gaming monitors under 150 dollars.

  1. Acer H236HL bid 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

This screen is celebrated for having an ideal amount of gloss to offer your screen a good cool look to it.

Several have also reported that the back lighting is actually emblematic, so don’t neglect this package of perfection.

We hope our article about the Best Gaming Monitors under $150was helpful and insightful. All the listed monitors advocated by many game fans and would be the best seller. Best of luck with your purchase!

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