Playing Lineage 2 in the Most Convenient Way Possible

You are probably one of those who have just gotten hooked with playing Lineage 2 recently. The gameplay is so enticing and engaging that you start spending more time online on the game. It is all fun and all until you find out that you are running out of l2 adena and start to farm for it. You start killing more monsters than usual and you take part in quests more than you can typically handle. As a result, you also start spending even more time on the game. From just a couple of hours a day, it now lasts for almost the whole day—you even hope there are more hours in a day. However, no matter how many hours you have put downplaying the game, it still seems insufficient; you keep requiring more and more. Your character starts to grow weaker by the week and your progress seems to be frozen in time. The whole thing starts to take a toll on you as you begin thinking about abandoning it. Well, don’t quit just yet. There is a solution to this problem so that you can regain control over the whole thing.

Stuck in Your Progress?

It is understandable why you crave for more lineage 2 gold. Without adena, you cannot purchase items, buffs, potions, armor, or weapons to significantly improve your character’s stat. If you cannot enhance your character’s stat, they would not be able to fight off other players. Getting killed over and over again will subsequently set your progress back to ground zero and you will have to redo it all over again. Making adena on your own is a boring progress and boredom is a poison that will make the game a tad too time-consuming even for a hardcore MMORPG player. So, one question